Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here God, Take My Arm - Literally!

Stunned, I stared in incredulity at a image -- taken somewhere in the enormousness of Republic Of India -- printed in a National Geographic. Incredibly, it showed the "sacrifice" a adult male had made for "god". With a begging bowl on the route between his knees, bare but for a loincloth, he sat with his right arm sticking straight up into the air over his head. An arm, dried and stiffened, frozen immovably in that raised position.

Years before, this adult male had felt obligated to "honor" the "god" he worshipped with a "sacrifice". Apparently wanting to do it a very personal and serious "sacrifice", he decided to "give his right arm to god". Elevation his arm toward the sky, he never brought it down. Food flowing was insufficient. He may even have got restricted blood circulation artificially. But the photograph showed incontrovertible cogent evidence of the devotedness he felt for his "god" - his arm had go a withered stick. A os covered with mummified flesh. Grotesque.

The New Testament says, "The forfeits that heathens make, are offered to demons, not to God." [1 Corinthians 10.20] Surely this man's "god" received the deceived man's offering with delight.

People often kick about how "Godless" our state have become. Maybe it has, maybe it hasn't. But at least there is a wide-ranging understanding of Who Supreme Being is and what He is like -- and most people in United States would state that any "god" who pleases in a forfeit that cripples his worshiper, is no "god" at all!

Yet I've been "crippled" in my "worship" of Supreme Being -- I've "sacrificed" something I thought would delight Him.

What have got I "sacrificed"? I've "sacrificed" my feelings. My sensibilities.


Raised in Christian churches all my life, through 100s of sermons, preacher men told me that true "faith" in Supreme Being is unemotional. That my "feelings" don't "count". That Iodine can only "safely know" Supreme Being through theology, through my mind and my intellect. Supreme Being is invisible so obviously (they said) no 1 can "sense" or "see" or "feel" Him.

One of the old anthems of the Christian church is called, "In the Garden". I grew up listening to warnings about that hymn! I remember one preacher man who said there wasn't a "single, theological doctrine" in the full song.

What makes this anthem talking about? It speaks about how sweet it is to pass clip every twenty-four hours in the caring Presence of Jesus. It's forbear goes: "And He walks with me and He speaks with me!" It states Jesus' Voice is so "sweet" that even the "birds stillness their singing". It paints a image of an intimate, personal human relationship with Jesus Of Nazareth that's very, very emotional. Very "sensory". The preacher man who "warned" us about that hymn, obviously never "walked in the Garden" with Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth -- the Very Person he claimed to "love"!

In fact, I grew up hearing warnings about those people who name themselves "Christian" but who are "caught up in emotionalism". They acquire carried away with their feelings, working themselves into a soapsuds in their exhilaration over God.

So, in response to the instructions I received, I "sacrificed" my emotional responses. I "gave them up for Jesus". My divinity rejected it. My "church decorum" didn't let it.

Years ago, a book commented that 11 A.M., Lord'S Day morning, is the strangest hr in America. The writer said that in that hr of church, across the United States, people sit down inside houses of "worship", surrounded by stained glass mental images depicting narratives of the mighty plant of God. But sitting there, surrounded by the most powerful, sacred mental images known to adult male -- the people practice feeling nothing.

Well, I practiced feeling nil for many years. But in the last few years, God's made it clear that sacrificing my emotional responses to His Person and His Presence, was not a forfeit pleasing to Him!

It's very much like that old married couple in "Fiddler On the Roof". He asks, "Do you love me?" and she said, "You old sap -- of course Iodine love you." "But," he persists, "do you love me?" She says, "For all these old age I've cooked your food, raised your children, cleaned your house -- isn't it obvious I love you?"

That's fair, in a sense. After all, "love" have to include loving actions or it's not real. But romance is different. Love Affair necessitates plenty of loving actions accompanied by emotional intimacy.

What make you believe will go on in any matrimony where the adult male and adult female pattern feeling numb? One of them begins to acquire a small excited about the other, and acquires warned, "Watch out! Calm down! Emotionalism, it's dangerous! Here -- let's analyze our matrimony vows again -- let's reconsider the theological significance of, "I pledge thee my troth"...

Practicing the restraint of our natural, emotional responses to a Supreme Being Who manifests Himself to us in so many fantastic ways is NOT a "sacrifice" He desires us to make. To suppress our emotional responses to Supreme Being is as monstrous as what the adult male in Republic Of India did with His arm. A Christian who cannot cry for joyousness in response to one of God's mighty plant is far, far from being like Jesus.

Jesus showed us His Father. Desire to cognize what Supreme Being is like? Look at Jesus. Jesus Of Nazareth came (says the Gospels of John) to demo us Supreme Being the Father. And in Saint Luke 10.21, when His adherents came back from traveling throughout State Of Israel -- driving out demons, healing the ill and otherwise proclaiming the Kingdom of Supreme Being -- it states us of Jesus' excited, emotional response.

There, the Bible reads, "In that hr Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth rejoiced in the Spirit." In the original linguistic communication of Greek, the word used for "rejoiced" come ups from a word meaning, "to jump, to leap, to springtime up and spin around around"! The Weymouth interlingual rendition gives it as, "On that same juncture Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth was filled by the Holy Place Spirit with rapturous joy." Apparently, in the human face of Satan's shattering licking by Jesus' disciples, Jesus was jumping and leaping and whirling about in rapturous joy!

The adult male in Republic Of India with the withered arm? Unfortunately, even if he went to the physician and tried to, he wouldn't be able to acquire it down and working again. But my "withered worship"? God have healed it. I'm released to love Him. I can show my responses to the fantastic Presence of Supreme Being according to how I feel. In my modern times of private supplication or in public worship, I can laugh, shout, leap and spin around about (I haven't got that down yet, but if Jesus Of Nazareth can, so can I!) I can even be quiet. I can even weep when I feel the Spirit of the Godhead on me. Sometimes I weep for joy, sometimes I feel the broken Heart of Supreme Being and "join Him" in His tears.

One adult male I know, who came to cognize Jesus Of Nazareth late in life, said he'd never cried even one rupture for over thirty years. But after coming to cognize Jesus, he wept every clip he stood worshipping in church. He felt embarrassed, as if a "real man" wouldn't shout -- especially in public.

I don't cognize about whether "real men" eat Quiche or not. But I make cognize this: Real Number work force worship Supreme Being with complete abandonment.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Ayn Rand and the Dark Side of Objectivism

Randians (objectivists) are angry people. They detest the human race because it doesn't conform to their idealistic notions. Ayn Rand, in the book Atlas Shrugged, states many times, "Who is Toilet Galt?" What makes this statement mean?

Who Is Toilet Galt?

This statement is symbolically referring to the frustrating experiences of dealing with other incompetent people. Rather than merely encouraging people to utilize their head to the fullest extent, Randians travel a measure additional to reprobate those that are incompetent or lazy. It's as if they believe every human should have got a desk occupation sitting in presence of a computing machine or drawing board.

It is of import to observe that objectivist rules make not render these angry conclusions, but it is common amongst Randians. For one reason, Ayn come ups to some of the same decisions in her books.

In Atlas Shrugged, all the "smart" people travel off to their ain secret society where everything is suddenly wonderful. It's wish dying and going to heaven. Now that society have quit itself of all the incompetent people the truly "smart" and "moral" people prevail.


In Atlas Shrugged, towards the end of the book, Ayn go forths society to fend for itself. Without all the smart people, society could symbolically only stand up as lamp stations to throw a visible light for the train. Why? They could not believe for themselves to make anything productive. The "smart people" had now gone to their secret society while the people were left to shrivel and decease on their own.


The of import pick for each of us is what we take to make with the objectivist principles. You can go educated, be productive, larn to reason, and do good judgments. This is the good portion of objectivism. Most philosophers, however, happen that objectivism have moral jobs that can't be rectified by its ain merits.

The Good Objectivist: Moral Problems with Objectivism

1- Good objectivists are atheistic 2- Are never selfless 3- Don't assist others 4- Withhold intellectual support from "weaker humans" and 5- To be a truly leading objectivist you necessitate a certain amount of pompous attitude. Randians mention to this as pride. If you are superior, you should move accordingly and allow people know. Sounds crazy, but Randians really experience this way.

There are societal jobs with objectivism. For example, revenue enhancement may be immoral on evidence of induction of force, but you can't happen any Randians with solutions. Why? There isn't a good solution other than obliterating all the bad people from the earth. Many of the theories, in application, work only in a faery narrative world.

Alan Greenspan

He helped compose the book Atlas Shrugged, but later decided against objectivism. His transition both to and away from objectivism do a profound statement. The doctrine have some obvious good, but also some obvious bad to travel with it.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Want To Feel Calm Before Your Public Speaking Engagement?

I am asked all the clip for the cutoff to Godhead composure before standing up and giving a speech. There are 100s of books and articles offering all types of concepts, from thought of the audience bare to deep external respiration and visualizing yourself on a deserted island. Unfortunately, I have got learned after a lifespan of instruction populace speech production that none of these work, ever!

When it come ups your clip to stand up up and speak, the epinephrine haste to your organic structure overpowers any of these academic concepts. I went with my married woman to all the childbearing social classes but at the existent moment, everything went out the window in panic. It's the same with public speaking. There is no manner to mentally make a zone that volition overmaster your body's epinephrine rush. So what should you make to have got a more than enjoyable speech production experience?

First, expect the epinephrine haste and invent counterpoisons to minimise these personal effects on your body. Everyone have a different manner that the epinephrine haste manifests itself. In some people, they experience their bosom racing, other people talking too fast, and others experience like they are shaking. The cardinal is to see the real-life effect of these complaints (not what you are imagining in your mind) and set up a defense. The best manner to see the existent impact is to videotape yourself and see how you respond to this adrenaline. You will soon happen under this exercising that the audience cannot see any marks of bosom palpitations or shaking, so you can ignore this as a problem. You may happen that you necessitate to do a witting attempt to decelerate down. For almost everybody, you necessitate to do a very serious attempt to talk louder. Working on these accomplishments will do a 1000% improvement over the deep external respiration and other meaningless self-help ideas.

The best manner to have got a enjoyable and successful address is preparation. You can better set up yourself in two ways: 1. Brand certain you have got a spectacular, well-crafted address with tons of information that the audience will love. 2. Practice it many modern times and memorise the gap and ending sentences. The memorisation lets you to look your best at the start, and end, when the initial and ending feelings are made. Everything else do logical sense; you should have got learned from high school that you can't do an "A" with an essay you wrote five proceedings before class. In summary, you can have got got a womb-to-tomb pleasance giving speeches; you just have to set in the hours of necessary attempt and planning.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ideal Podium to Submit Articles

You submit articles on assorted online directories. These directories are breeding land to supply you with ample of space and visibleness to SEO friendly content. Ever thought why you are not successful? Why your rivals are earning more than and you are sitting ideal. You have got a good website but it neglects to pull the quality people and clients who can head start your business. I have got seen that even a well-documented and written pieces working indirectly for your offline physical concern too. Isn't this something great to hear?

The basic thing that you necessitate to maintain in head before you indulge in it is that you should have got good and compelling content for submission. If you don't have got got it, you have failed in first measure itself, allow alone the money devising strategy which you'd aimed for from twenty-four hours one. You submit articles for the intent of online marketing; and the procedure is quite different from what content you submit in your website. The stunts are different, the missionary post is different, and of course, the interface is different as well.

Many companies submit articles, which work miracles for them. The companies spreading across the Trans Atlantic Ocean parts USA, UK, besides; other western states are doing some existent material when it come ups to online selling stunts. These companies engage the services of many online authors to do their work done and that to at invariably low-cost costs.

With one thousands of entry directories lurking out there, you should be able to boom high and do the Pb name in just substance of time. Submit articles in the web based article directories. This is the most natural way. However, make maintain a path that you have got submitted in top 5 evaluations otherwise, you would not be able to acquire the rank in the top lists category. When you travel in this manner, you are born with the possible to do you rich and popular.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

You CAN Write Articles For The Internet

There are many benefits to authorship articles. An effectual article selling political campaign can better your website's ranking; bring forth traffic, and supply a host of other benefits. But what if you believe that you just can't compose articles.

I experience that almost everyone is capable of authorship articles for the Internet. Regardless of your educational level, if you have got something interesting (or informative) to say, there is a big and eager audience for your work. It doesn't have got to be perfect. In fact, the best articles are written in an easy conversational tone. Write it as you would state it. Most people prefer to read articles written in that style. As you are authorship the article, conceive of how it would sound if you were saying it to a friend.

Some people shy away from writing articles because they are grammatically challenged. That is no longer an excuse; most word processors today come up with a good grammar checker. Just do certain to utilize it to check up on your article before submitting it. Even though I have got got been authorship for much of my grownup life, I still check up on all of my work with a good grammar checker.

Others take not to compose because of they have a job with spelling. Again, with the engineering available today, not being a good good speller is no longer an excuse. By using a good spelling checker, your articles will look like a spelling bee title-holder wrote them.

Although I believe that almost everyone is capable of authorship articles, there are those among us who experience that they can't make it (for whatever reason). In that case, you still have got an option. You can have got others compose articles for you. Register with Elance. They are a big company that stores articles, ebooks, programs, software, and other information online. For a price, they will compose articles (or even ebooks) for you. Of course, this option could be you, but if you absolutely can't compose your ain articles, this may be an option for you.

Do you desire to larn how to do money? Get all the inside information and start devising money online!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Article Writing Resource Box - The Key to Free Website Traffic

Article selling is by far one of the most effectual ways to drive free targeted traffic to your website. By carefully writing your articles you can open up the sluicegates to limitless amounts of traffic for old age to come.

A batch of people happen that they have got got written a great article, submitted it to article directories and have waited for the traffic to come. However, nil appears, they believe to themselves, "This article selling is a loading of rubbish!" What they don't recognize is they have got probably made one of the most cardinal errors that new articles authors make. Not using the resource box to its full potential!

Your article may be great and your decision strong, but without authorship good content for the resource box, you will neglect to acquire any traffic at all. I run an article directory and see time-after-time resource boxes filled in with just a few words like, "Written by Simon Peter Smith." This simply won't convey you any traffic. Brand your resource box entry base out.

By having a strong written article you have got got already gained the involvement of your reader, they have read the full written document but there is nil at the end of the page to do them chink on a hyperlink and direct them to your page for them to hopefully purchase from you. That's what it's all about really!

In any article directory, the resource box is your cardinal to getting traffic to your website. You should take to fill up this in with more than than one or two words. For instance, if you compose an article on how to give up smoking, then your resource box should read something along the lines of, "If you enjoyed this article and desire more than than information on how to give up smoking, why not see Smoke Freedom for more information."

By authorship this sentence, you could turn the words, "Smoking Freedom", into a hyperlink to your website. People will see it's a hyperlink and because they are interested in what you have got had to say, they are likely to chink on it.

Not only putting a hyperlink in your resource box will enable more than than visitants to come up consecutive to your site, it will also make more backlinks. Web publishing houses visit article directories to acquire content for their website, eZines and blogs. They have got to print the full article, including the resource box content. This agency that the figure of backlinks to your website will continually grow, making your page rank with the major hunt engines addition at the same time.

So, to round this up, do certain that, when you submit your articles, you utilize the resource box to its full potential. By putting more than than one or two words into it, you will happen that your website traffic will grow.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fast Ebook Writing - Revealed - 4 Creative Secrets to Make Money with Ebook Writing

Millions of people today are looking for ways on how they can gain further income to accomplish fiscal freedom. Most of them are tired of life from payroll check to payroll check and would desire to undergo a small extravagance in their lives. If you are one of them, you can augment your income through ebook writing. Don't worry, you don't necessitate to be a professional author and you don't even necessitate to cognize calculus. For as long as you can pass on your thoughts in a clear and interesting mode and have got at least one country of expertise, you are good to go.

Here are the 4 originative secrets to do money with ebook writing:

1. Brand usage of attention-grabbing titles. The statute title of your ebook is one of the most of import elements that tin either do or interruption your gross sales potentials. If people happen your statute title boring, they will automatically presume that your content is drilling and exanimate too. Maestro the fine art of creating enticing, challenging statute titles that have got the ability to stir attending online or pique the wonder of your possible clients.

2. Brand it visually-appealing. Don't settle down for all textual matter type of ebook if you don't desire to dullard your readers. Integrate relevant images, audio files, picture files, illustrations, and graphs. These are especially helpful if you are writing about stairway by measure ushers or speedy how-to's.

3. Brand it interesting to read. Avoid sounding too formal or too stiff if you don't desire to estrange your readers. Write in a conversational tone of voice and insert wit and interesting narratives whenever appropriate to throw the attending of your readers. Ask inquiries once in a piece and offering tips and solutions.

4. Advertise. You can easily do money through the pages of your ebook by merchandising advertisement spaces. Just do certain that the merchandises being publicize are closely related to your ebook topic.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Connecting With Conscience - Activating That Still And Quiet Voice Inside

Your compass is your conscience.

Your sense of right and wrong. Your ability to do choices, and your ability to dwell with your picks without making alibis for yourself, or assigning blame.

Nevil Shute, one of the high-grade novelists of the twentieth century, wrote a book called Round the Bend. In the book, his supporter tells a fabrication about Moses and Mohammed. This fabrication have got haunted me since I first read it at the age of twelve.

The fabrication gets with Moses and his journeying up the mountain, where he is asked by Supreme Being to have his people pray 50 modern times a day. This petition is quickly seen as unrealistic, what with the aureate calf and all, so Supreme Being relents and simply inquires that his people maintain the Sabbath holy. A few thousand old age later, Muhammad have got his ain version of that conversation on the mountain, where he is asked by Supreme Being to have his people pray 50 clip a day. As he go backs from his journey, Muhammad rans into Moses, and after discussing God's request, Muhammad is convinced by Moses to go back to Supreme Being and inquire for an easier burden. Again, Supreme Being relents, and this clip necessitates that his people only pray five clip a day. At this point in the fable, the narrator turns to his audience and asks, "But what if we did pray 50 modern times a day? What if every clip we completed a task, we simply prayed, 'Have Iodine done well?' If we did," reasons the storyteller, "We could easily carry through God's petition for 50 supplications each day."

Well, I tried it. I was twelve old age old; I'd just finished reading the story; my female parent asked me to make clean the kitchen; and I decided to seek it. Iodine washed one dish, then I prayed, "Have I done well?" An astonishing thing happened. I felt an answer. I clearly knew that I had done well. After lavation each dish, I prayed again. Each clip I prayed, I knew instantly whether I had done well, or whether I hadn't. And by the clip I finished cleaning that kitchen, it gleamed.

We all have got the gift of conscience; we just bury to listen to it...

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Search Engine Marketing Success With Quality Articles

It takes a certain type of cognition for how to compose and usage quality articles for both hunt engine intents and for the human reader. Search engine marketing, also known as SEM, and hunt engine optimisation (SEO) affects employing certain techniques to increase a website's rank in consequences returned by the assorted hunt engines.

Effective hunt engine selling is a premier method of advertisement and increasing your client alkali and revenue. The higher your website or articles rank, the more than likely you are to see an inflow of visitants who have got just conducted a search. A listing of the most popular hunt engines include:

- (Originally Ask Jeeves)

- Dogpile

- Excite

- Google


- Lycos

- MSN Search

- Yahoo

Following the Search Engine's Guidelines

Unless you desire contiguous rejection, it's imperative that you analyze the guidelines in topographic point listed at the hunt engines you are submitting your articles to. Even the most well-written, captivating piece will be rejected if the regulations aren't followed. Likewise, those articles that are poorly written, full of mistakes or pathetic claims will also quickly be turned down for inclusion.

Choosing the Best Keywords

Choosing the best keywords will assist you aim the right audience and entreaty to them in such as a manner that you'll gain their trust, and hopefully their business. Keywords, keywords, keywords, is the mantra you should adopt, as including the right figure and type of keywords greatly assists to better the likelihood that your website will attain the top ranks of the hunt engine results.

"Keyword stuffing" is a term known in the SEM human race as a surefire manner to happen your land site left out of the mix. This is when an article is obviously filled with assorted related to keywords with no respect to the existent article or its content. Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs, keeping the human reader in head when crucial which articles will bring forth the best hunt engine results.

Use Quality Articles with Master Content

Write your ain quality articles or, if you aren't the originative type, hire person to make the occupation for you, and make it well. Providing content that's unique, informative, and completely original is imperative, not only to avoid of import issues such as as plagiarism, but also to construct a name for yourself or your company as one that tin be trusted and looked to for dependable service.

Be Different, But the Same

Finding that one angle that sets your concern or merchandise apart from everyone else's but that also includes a sense of acquaintance can be tricky, but certainly isn't an impossible feat. Since you'll have got already done plentifulness of research when choosing your keywords, you'll already cognize what the competition is doing, and then be able to calculate out a manner to make it better. Outsourcing and corroborating are both great ways of broadening your apparent horizons and giving yourself a better opportunity at success.

Pay for Inclusion

Pay for inclusion (PFI) is another potentially effectual method of SEM, as well as regular entries to the hunt engines. This method of selling your concern or merchandises with quality articles affects paying a fee for your website to be included in a searchable directory that's usually divided by subject. Some land sites offering free or limited listings, while others have got assorted bundles with rates based on different lengths of time.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Lucrative Ebook Writing - Latest 3 Reliable Methods to Breakthrough with Ebook Writing

There are so many money-making opportunities in the cyberspace today. Anyone who have a dependable computing machine and steady connexion can gain inactive income by just banking on their talents, skills, interests, and hobbies. For instance, if you love buying and selling, eBay can do you richer. If you love talking about your hobbies, you can gain money through blog. And if you have got got great authorship accomplishments and you have valuable information that you believe people will pass money on, you can make your very ain ebooks!

Here are the 3 dependable methods to discovery with ebook writing:

1. Topic. This is the first component that you necessitate to concentrate on should you make up one's mind to compose an electronic book. It must be something that you are very familiar with or have got an existent experience on so you can share valuable cognition to your readers. Also, it must be something that have feasible marketplace online to guarantee speedy tax return of your investment.

2. Design. If you are most authors who are not very good in creating great, compelling ebook covers, you can engage professional interior designers to make the legwork for you. Although this volition cost you some money, it will definitely assist you do your creative activity more visually appealing to your possible clients.

3. Content. Your readers will estimate your expertness and your professionalism based on the quality of your content. When they see that your ebook is packed with information that resoluteness their urgent issues or reply their questions, you can be assured that these people will back up your other creations. So, endeavor to do your ebook content-rich, focused, highly relevant to the demands and demands of your mark market, direct to the point, and well-written to give you clients great reading experience.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You Are What You Eat Functional Occult Knowledge

Everybody suits somewhere in the nutrient chain. Because of this we are what we eat. Animals eat only physical food. Man eats physical, emotional, mental and Negro spiritual food, depending on where he is placing his attention. We are the sum of money sum of these four foods.

Everybody understands about eating physical foods. Let's return it one measure farther; you also eat mental food. Mental food, includes the books, magazines, newspapers, movies, DVD's and television programmes that you read and expression and listen to.

Mental nutrient also includes what ideas you allow into your head as well as what you state and hear in your day-to-day conversations. You cannot halt the ideas sent to you from others; but you make have got the powerfulness to accept or reject them.

You also eat emotional foods. The Law of Resonant Frequencies, do a telephone set connexion between you and your Mom, Dad, Thousand Parents , sisters, brothers, children, partners and lovers, (Both life and passed on.)

Until you go more than witting and understand these energy connexions you are liable to accept all the emotional feelings that bombardon you on a day-to-day footing and believe that they are your own. You will EAT them.

If you have a negative fearfulness feeling from your female parent and believe that this fearfulness arises in you; you go fearful. You go what you EAT, or accept.

The first and most of import measure to fillet these fearfulness nutrients is to consciously understand where many of these ideas arise from and not accept them as your own.

Time makes not play a factor in emotional resonances or connections. You can be emotionally connected with discarnate physical things as well as life ones.

And they make not necessarily have got to be household or ancestors. You could have got got picked up an obsessing or possessing discarnet entitie during the twenty-four hours or nighttime from other people, topographic points or events you experienced.

Do you have any thought of how many of these discarnate physical things hang around disco's ( where people are intoxicated or on drugs or both, and unconscious) and theatres that show horror movies? But they can dwell any where, but especially crowded places, even infirmaries where they feed off people's fearfulness and misery.

When you travel into one of these crowded topographic points and experience a alteration of mental attitude or feeling you might desire to halt and inquire yourself, "Who have got I just eaten?" or "Who have just eaten me?"

You also eat Negro spiritual food. The faith you belong to, the God/ Goddess you worship Oregon meditate upon; your day-to-day speculations (are they inactive or dynamic?), your interior belief systems; the Negro Negro Negro Negro spiritual meetings, literature and groupings you belong to.

Do you cognize for certain who or what is the motivating power, military unit or energy behind any of the spiritual nutrient you eat and let into your system?

Do you just travel with the present craze or grouping of the month?

Do you seek to link with spiritual instruction word word form the past that have not only lost it's powerfulness but have degenerated into an egregor (thought form) that may be noxious to you?

There are two major souces of spiritual teachings. One is based upon redemption where a peculiar Supreme Being or Goddess, or unidentified flying object or the Seventh Golgotha is going to come up and salvage you.

The other is timeless and based upon Natural Law. This is the procedure of Self-Transformation where you must make it YOURSELF.

You go what you EAT.

What did you eat today, that you will go tomorrow?

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Updates Ancient Wisdom Basic Spiritual Facts

My Negro spiritual instructor I.F. of 17 years, had a very alone manner of sharing his wisdom with me.

His instructions were mainly oral. We would sit down facing each other early in the morning time at a little card table, munching on bagels and cheese. We would nip java and he would talk. I would listen and take notes.

This was nil like the Chelas sitting cross legged around a Guru, as they make in the East.

This was a Western maestro instruction a western student. His forbearance with me and the human race in general was infinite.

He told me that many of the things he spoke about, he didn't anticipate me to immediately understand. They were 'Seed Thoughts' as he called them, that would travel into my subconscious mind and bear fruit for later in life.

It is now over 30 old age and as I look back, I smile. Yes, many of the 'Seed Thoughts' have got born fruit and changed my life and my consciousness.

I will share some of them with you now. Let them to turn and bear fruit for you. I will set his exact words in quotation marks followed by my commentaries.

"We are not properly witting nor are other people properly conscious."

We all pass too much clip in our past, thinking and re-thinking events, both good and bad. This is not being conscious, this belongs to the kingdom of sub-consciousness, memorie.

To be conscious, we necessitate to be in the HERE-NOW of the moment, not in the past nor the future.

"Increase of consciousness of oneself, takes to more than room for yourself in the interior world."

There are many degrees of consciousnes and many human races to be explored in the 'inner worlds'. By becoming more than witting you open up these human races for yourself.

"Be careful, as you construct the constructions for your interior rooms; person will be trying to draw the ladder out from under you. That person is your personality."

Most of the fables about the fighting between visible light and darkness takes on many forms. Within the individual the fighting is between one's higher ego and one's personality.

Our personality is where all the (lies and falsities we have got picked up on our trip lie.) They desire rule over our life and make not desire you to go more than conscious. Because they cognize consciouness is their decease knoll.

The fighting is WITHIN us not WITHOUT.

"The slow difficult stairway to consciousness takes to freedom."

He used to state " Yard by yard, lifes's too hard, inch by inch life's a cinch."

"Understand, that one of the greatest jobs we confront is when we project our interior negative attitiudes on others and incrimination them."

We cannot impeach another of bad temper, meaness, hate, suspicion, unjustness, anger, or bitterness. We experience and sense these negative mental attitudes in others because they also dwell inside us.

"Stop looking for the sliver in your brother's eyes when you have got a log in yours!"

"The tumult of your day-to-day life will submerge out your Negro Negro spiritual life."

You must happen a manner to put some clip appart for your spiritual studies. Every twenty-four hours life come ups rushing in, in a million differnent ways and steals your clip and energy.

"Your interior man/woman must be renewed and Federal twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours or it will be drowned by the tumult of life."

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Why Outsourcing Your Writing to Foreign Writers Might Be Bad for Your Business!

At one point in my calling when I was looking for writers, a friend suggested I see some command sites. It was definitely helpful, as there are one thousands of authors who see these command land sites day-to-day looking for work, but there was something I noticed. I got many commands from foreign writers. What made those commands lodge out at first were the prices. When I saw how low the commands were, I began to acquire excited, thinking I was going to salvage a package on my authorship tasks. When I clicked on the commands to take a expression at samples, I was horrified! The samples were badly written and full of errors and mistakes. Sentences contained the incorrect words for the context, spelling was different and wrong, and I quickly skipped over those writers. In fact, I establish many grounds why foreign authors may be bad for business!


When I told this same friend about the quality of the samples, she didn't believe it was all that bad. Because she was in a concern similar to mine, she hired a few of these authors to craft some articles for her. She was simply aglow at the low terms she paid for the articles, but when she got them back she wasn't aglow anymore. She spent a batch of clip rewriting the articles that she had gotten back and halfway through, she was so frustrated she simply hired another author to craft completely new articles on the same subject. Hiring authors from foreign states may take to a short ton of rewriting when you can simply engage a capable author to compose the articles well in the first place.


Another job that you might have got in hiring foreign authors is communication. Because English Language isn't their primary language, it can be pretty hard to have and direct messages that are understandable. With the commands that I received on my project, even the communicating was terrible. I had a difficult clip apprehension what the authors were trying to pass on to me, and I'm sure they would have got had a difficult clip apprehension me if I had written them back other than to give thanks them for their bids. When you're working with a writer, communicating is indispensable if you desire great work and to be productive.

Wrong Syntax

I have got seen many articles that were poorly written by foreign writers, and one of the things that stands out is the syntax. When there are words and phrases in topographic points where they don't belong, the article can acquire quite confusing very quickly. The problem with that is that it will be hard for readers to understand and they may just chink off of it. The truth is that there are rivals who are extremely willing to snatch up away your possible clients by providing first-class quality, interesting articles on the same subject.

The truth is that you necessitate authors who are fully able to supply first-class articles that are interesting and compelling. There is just too much competition to be slack in certain areas, and articles and other authorship pieces is definitely one of them.

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