Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why Are We Born?

You might believe that there is no existent ground why we are born, other than a purely biological one. From a biological point of position we are just like grass or lentils or nuts or yogurt. We are a mere bunch of cells that word form some kind of manifestation of energy that is stored in things like grass, lentils, nuts and yogurt. Biologically speaking, the ground we are born is so we can be another word form of stored energy.

The 1 trouble we all look to have got in considering ourselves as merely word forms of energy is we can think. Because we can think, considering ourselves nil more than a mass of energy in human word form goes ludicrous. Yes, we can speak about different word word forms of energy merely existing to back up other forms of energy. The grass bes for the moo-cow that bes for the benefit of humans. The grass is merely a manifestation of energy. The moo-cow is merely another manifestation of energy. And following this line of thought, world are merely another manifestation of energy that at decease combustibles other manifestations of energy in the word form of worms and other things.

The mere fact that we can discourse such as absurdnesses intends that we have got the capacity to happen significance for existence. But what significance is there to existence, if we are only going to be born just to die. Really, there is no significance at all. Death itself demeans life. In fact, where life is devalued, decease reigns. Where life is valued, decease is hidden from view.

Even today, there is a move away from acknowledging decease at funerals. People desire to observe life and not be reminded of death. Cipher desires to be thought about death. No 1 really desires to concentrate on decease because it constantly tortures us by basically condemning us to a life without meaning.

We might state we have got got significance in our lives if we have an intent or purpose or aspiration. So as we battle to carry through our aspirations and carry through our ends in life, we often make not recognize until our accomplishments have got got been established that decease will overrule what we have done, and, in most instances, we will be forgotten as clip travels by.

Some people state our intent in life is to dwell on in the memories of other people. But I inquire you: For how long? A few coevals travel by and most people are forgotten. There are those who will be remembered because they were the first to make something extraordinary like ascent Metric Ton Everest, or land on the moon. But most people will be lost to oblivion, like the individual who invented the jockey strap for men. The thought is made usage of daily, but who thought of it and created the first one.

The problem for most people is they have got got this thought of infinity existing and this in itself is a torment, because as they turn older, infinity is not something that looks to be for people they have known. A human lifetime looks to mean between 70-80yrs. Most people are dead by the clip they are 80yrs old.

As one healthy 80 twelvemonth old, I knew, remarked to his doctor, "I don't see many people my age in the street these days." To which his physician replied, "That is because most of them are dead, or languishing in a hospice somewhere waiting to die."

So why are we born? Surely there is more than to life than death. Surely there is meaning to life; to our being here on this earth; something more than than than life off the egotistical phantasies of our memories from our youth.

Being intelligent beings, we cognize there is more, there have to be more. We not only desire to believe this, something inside us states us that there have got to be more than to being born only to see our accomplishment flushed into the abysm of oblivion.

We have a quest, this pursuit is for you and I to happen out the ground for existence; the intent of being born; the truth about life. One thing is for sure; I don't believe you were born just to die. There is more than for you in life, only you must happen it. You must happen the truth of reality, the intent of being, and the ground why you were born. Even if I know, it is not my function to state you; rather it is your privilege to detect this truth for yourself.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Powerful Article Writing - Effective Steps to Advance with Article Writing

Article authorship is currently being used by billions of webmasters from all over the world. If you would wish to acquire ahead of the pack, you must larn the followers effectual stairway that tin aid you progress with this astonishing selling technique.

1. Expand your vocabulary. As an article writer, you must have got the ability to show your ideas and thoughts using the most appropriate words so you can be more than effectual in getting your message across. That is why, it pays that you exercise considerable amount of attempt to larn words that tin aid you show yourself better. Brand it a wont to read articles online or browsing your lexicon on a regular basis.

2. Practice do perfect. Write articles on a regular footing and beg feedback from expert authors or editors. This tin aid you bring forth better articles every clip you write.

3. Remove cunctation from your system. In article writing, it is of import that you are able to bring forth quality articles on time. So compose whatever you can compose today so you will not be swamped with authorship undertakings at the end of the week.

4. Eliminate too much ballyhoo or blazing advertisement on your articles. Don't do your articles sound like a place television shopping ad. Focus on giving your readers content that tin potentially work out their issues or better the quality of their lives.

5. Be creative. Don't confine your authorship to what is generally acceptable online. Surprise your readers once in a piece by introducing bold conception on your articles.

6. Read your articles out loud. This is one of the best ways to proofread your articles. If you come up across a sentence that sounds awkward, revize it.

7. Quality over quantity. Remember, online users will estimate your cognition or expertness based on the quality of your articles. If you are able to supply them with articles that are not only well-written but also content-rich, they are more than likely to listen to you and follow your recommendations.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quantum Physics and Mental Radionics - Part 1

Gifts of the Age of Aquarius

We have got just entered the Age of Water Bearer which will be with us for the adjacent 2000 old age or so.. This is the Age of Science, the Age of "I Know," The Age of the Mind.

We have got already been given three gifts from the New Age of Aquarius. These are the Science of Radionics, Laws of Measure Physics and the Internet.

Let's start with the Internet. The Age of Water Bearer is designated the Age of "I Know." The clip of the center man, The Age of Pisces The Fishes is over. No longer will man demand to inquire anyone else for advice. The reply to all of his inquiries will be answered directly by himself. He will KNOW the replies to his inquiries by direct perception.

As we go on on this 2000 twelvemonth ocean trip into the Age of "I Know," the cyberspace will be invaluable for providing the wisdom and cognition adult male will necessitate for ego direction.

As I compose this article wise work force and women all over the human race are also writing articles, essays, edifice websites with valuable wisdom and cognition to be shared by all.

No longer will the wisdom and cognition of Creation and Co-Creation be held in secretiveness by a choice few.

The cognition and wisdom which will let adult male to evolve; to raise his degree of consciousness; to go more than God-like will be available free for all who have got eyes to see and desire to search. On the more than than everyday levels, adult male will have got the tools, wisdom and cognition at his disposal to pull more health, wealth, and love into his life now. That is the powerfulness and the gift of the internet.

The Laws of Measure Physics state us that there is an infinite Ocean of Thinking energy called the Measure Ocean. I like to believe of it as the Mind of God.

In this infinite Ocean of intelligent unmanifested energy all exists. Everything that ever was, is or will be is in the Measure Ocean (Mind of God.) There is no time. There is no past, present or future. There is only the NOW. There is no physical space, only the here. The Measure Ocean is the HERE-NOW of reality.

The most importantant quality of this intelligent thinking, infinite ocean, called the Measure Ocean (Mind of God) is that it reacts to the ideas of man.

What ever adult male believes will react to similar ideas in the Measure Ocean. These ideas will apparent into the physical world of the the thinker.

What you believe about you will eventually get. Watch your thoughts. What you have got got thought about yesterday and all the yesterday's before, have created you physical world or your today.

The beauty of the gift of the Laws of Measure Physics and the Measure Ocean is thay you can change your life by changing your thoughts.

The scientific discipline of Radionics have been around for about a hundred years. There are many innovators in this field, Wilhelm Reich being the most famous.

Simply speaking Radionics is Magic at a distance. It is the affecting and attracting of the unmanifested intelligent energies of the Measure Ocean. You convey these energies into your life to better it.

Radionics works on three principles. You necessitate a powerfulness source, and purpose (What you want?) and a Target (Where make you desire the attracted energies to go?)

Radionics devices come up in all forms and sizes. From an expensive $5000 electronics model; a place made Orgone Generator to a manus drawn symbolical schematic drawing on a piece of paper. They all work in assorted degrees.

Now, during the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Mind, we now have got the powerful tool of "Mental Radionics."

We no longer necessitate a Radionics device, unless you bask using one.

The head is the powerfulness source. A simple symbol or mental image is the intent. Your Aura (energy field) is the target.

Your head have the powerfulness to take your mental image or symbol link it to the non-manifested energies within the Measure Ocean (Mind of God) and pull these energies into yor Aura. What ever energies you transport in your Aura, pulls your life.

My adjacent article will give specific and practical usages of Mental Radionics.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Trials of Purification - Meeting the Challenge of Spiritual Growth

Purification is a sacred procedure that is meant to put world free, enabling life to be lived without hurting and restriction from the position of the soul. It is a procedure that makes the possibility for people and for the World of life a sacred life.

And yet the trials of purification sometimes look to outweigh its rewards, allowing one to experience that there is only trouble and hurting to acquire through, rather than a sacred procedure going on, initiated by light, and corresponding to God's purpose to bless the World and all souls.

It is easy to believe this during a clip in which the enlargement of visible visible light is largely invisible, and one must swear this event based on belief and on one's interior knowing, rather than on a state of corresponding interior joy. Indeed, sometimes the troubles of purification can look almost insurmountable, creating heartache, fear, hopelessness, or choler -- all feelings that may have got been present in the past to a lesser degree, that now clamor interior with greater insistence. Because of the elaboration of these feelings in the presence of greater light, what may look to be taking topographic point may be attributed mistakenly to shortages in one's character, in one's attempts at healing, or in one's human relationship with God. None of these readings would be correct. For purification is the reply to the desire for healing and help. It is a play of the past pickings topographic point in the present for which the witting ego ordinarily have small or no framework of reference. Its intent is to eliminate limitation, and to make for the self, a new and sacred manner of life.

With regard to the acceleration of the purification procedure on the planet, it is, without exception, produced, first, by the intensification of visible visible visible light upon the Earth; second, by one's ain receptiveness to that light; and third, by the strength and range of the demands that be for healing.

Where issues in the past have got not been able to be dealt with at the deepest level, but only in a more than than intellectual manner or only to a certain degree, the enlargement of light releases into consciousness the deeper strata of idea and feeling, bringing with it more profound facets of the original state of affairs in demand of healing. This would all be clearly apprehensible if the action of visible light were observable to the witting self, which could then go more than of a witnesser to the process, rather than fully immersed in it. In fact, in lawsuits where such as witnessing is possible, greater peace is often present even while troubles continue. Nevertheless, this position is not always available, owed to the strength of in progress difficulties.

Even where symptoms show themselves physically as portion of the purification process, the implicit in cause is still a demand for the healing of one's consciousness, and this demand can also increase in intensity, manifesting physical symptoms that are stronger than they were before.

Having an anchorpoint within oneself that enables 1 to link with the deeper truth of purification and the freedom it is bringing and will bring, is an indispensable portion of going through this procedure with greater ease.

Having others around who understand this framework of reference, a topographic point to travel where one can have comfortableness and support, a beginning to which one can turn for a sense of greater visible light -- these are also of import ways of going through what can be a clip of great intensity.

However, the most of import thing that supports one's transition through this clip is to experience a deepening of one's human relationship with Supreme Being and with God's love. This deepening, even while troubles continue, gives life a new significance and lends its ain sense of joy. For the human relationship with Supreme Being set ups one's consciousness as a soul, connected to life and to other psyches in a whole new way. This is the wages of purification, even while challenges may be present.

To cognize with strong belief that Supreme Being have not forsaken one -- that Supreme Being is, in fact, present during this time, is, more than than anything else, the bedrock upon which endurance is founded and upon which trust and trust can be maintained. All other supports help with this process, but knowing God's love and the sacred world that is trying to emerge, are the cardinal ingredients for maintaining oneself in the human face of difficulty.

During the trials of purification, one's interior beingness may cognize one thing, while the body, mind, and emotions may experience something quite different. The deeper ego may, for example, experience connected to God's truth, while head and emotions experience separated, causing the witting ego to experience alone and without help. This situation, despite its intensity, tin be met through the strengthening of love which can transport 1 through the trials of purification.

Feeling or asking to experience God's love, feeling the love of others for oneself, feeling one's ain love for God, for other souls, and for the life of the World -- these are all things that can go stronger in the presence of greater light. They make not get rid of the challenges that are often present, but they environ them with compassionateness and continue them with understanding.

Blessed are those who may come in the trials of purification in a state of awakeness, and who can travel through the experience with Supreme Being as companion, rather than without.

Blessed are those who may happen within themselves the love that endures in the human face of all difficulty, that is devoted to the light, and that seeks the healing of the ego and of the World in the presence of every degree of challenge.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Powerful Article Writing - Discover Rewarding Secrets to Energize Your Article Writing

Writing quality articles is an effectual method in edifice your online reputation. Not only it is proven very efficient, but it is also cost-effective.

Here are the 5 rewarding secrets to energize your article writing:

1. Spill in trade secrets. Online users are reading articles so they can bring out tips and techniques that they can utilize to either redress their urgent issues or progress on their endeavors. Share your trade in secrets and let your readers to cognize how you were able to lift above from the rest. By doing so, you will be considered as a great beginning of information and you will surely be able to construct a strong readership in no time.

2. Learn basic hypertext markup language so you can associate your articles for additional reading. To advance your other articles, you must cognize how to utilize ground tackle textual matter that tin be clicked by online users to entree your other articles. This is plant exactly like up selling merchandises so you can maximise the exposure of your other articles.

3. Be a good beginning of fresh information. In any field, there will always be new information that may directly or indirectly impact your mark niche. Be always on the expression out for this sort of information and always be the first 1 to compose about it.

4. Forget your love for large words. Complicated, difficult to understand words are waste material of space on your articles because they make not in anyway assist you acquire your message across effectively. If you desire your readers to truly understand you, take and usage the simplest words possible on your content.

5. Avoid redundancy. Never effort to discourse same subjects on two or more than parts of your articles. This volition just be a waste material of your readers' clip and will direct a strong message that you don't have got so much information to share.


Monday, January 14, 2008

What Is The Hope You Have?

This twelvemonth is going to be an interesting one. I'm referring to the elections. We read and we watch the mass media and from them we garner information about the campaigners who are running. Can we believe and trust everything we hear or see? The mass media is used to rock people's sentiments 1 manner or the other. Then, I see how this consequences in confusion. Pretty soon, we don't cognize who to believe anymore. This is a strategy which have been maestro minded by the father of prevarications since the very beginning of creation. Shaytan instituted every lie, every word form of doubt, every spot of confusion that ever was or will ever be, until Jesus tax returns to oppress his head. Satan's docket is to steal our hope.

One chief manner that we are set into a state of confusion is through the media. It's the studies we hear, it's the visuals we see and it goes the mainframe computer for our beliefs unless we cognize the beginning of all Truth, God's Word. But, are we bothering to check up on it out in full? By who's formulate of authorization are we taking in this information? It's the buzz, all the achromatic noise that makes an ambiance that stirs us up. We be given to be persuaded by what we see or hear and then we do determinations based on our opinions. Can we swear our ain opinions? What if we only knew half of the story? What if we heard only half of the truth? I can only reason then that if we heard one-half of the story, there must be another one-half that belies the first half. If we only hear one-half truths or half lies, doesn't it do sense to deduce that it's not all it looks to be? If any portion is false, then it's all false. Same as if something were partly true, it's not the whole truth. Are we willing to settle down for one-half truths when it come ups to our very lives? So, allow me inquire you, what is the hope you have got got for this life... and the next?

The 1 thing that really saddens me is that many people are living their lives as if this is all there is. They don't have a hope because they can't see God's truth, they don't believe He have a program for them. They can't fathom the thought of the world of their Negro spiritual seperation from God. For a individual who is dead in his sin, all this looks nonesense. These same people will settle down for portion of what they have got determined as the whole truth. For them, their heads are made up, they have got all the replies and won't make bold to research any other possibility. For example, I cognize a individual who is intelligent in societal affairs, she have a Masters in the humanistic discipline and learns in high school. She claims to be an agnostic, one that makes not believe in a higher powerfulness and declines to acknowledge that perhaps there's more to life than just existing twenty-four hours to day. What I happen rather dumbfounding is that an educated individual with caput cognition would proclaim to be doubter in the first place. The root word intends to be ignorant. For person who clingstones to their ability to larn and be learned, they are claiming to acknowledge that this topic is not knowledgable, therefore remaining ignorant to the true facts. Are it truly possible to be intelligent and decline to seek out the truth? Are it safe to presume that a individual with this narrow minded position isn't all that intelligent? I'll be the first to admit, there are alot of things I don't cognize or ever will know. But I believe if I opened my head up I would larn alot more. Cognition enlightens, it conveys with it understanding. Things that once made no sense now do a whole batch of sense. Even I cognize this. Are it smart to believe that you can't larn any more? Even more than so, refusing to hear it? We all have got a free volition to decide, but shouldn't we at least be aware of all the information before we do the choice, right or wrong? Supreme Being cognizes there are people like this and He states us the result of their folly.

"Let no adult male lead on himself. If any adult male among you believes that he is wise in this age, he must go foolish so that he may go wise. For the wisdom of this human race is folly to God. For it is written, 'He is the 1 who catches the wise in their craftiness' and again, 'The Godhead cognizes the logical thinkings of the wise, that they are useless." 1 Corinthians 3:18-20

God already cognizes that all the so called wisdom of a adult male is mere foolishness. The logical thinking behind a individual who sees themself to be wise, is actually useless. Useless in that they will never cognize Jesus and just why they necessitate Him. Without Christ, it's impossible to have got hope in this life or the next. He also already understands why so called wise people see the things of Supreme Being foolish.

"But a natural adult male makes not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised." 1 Corinthians 2:14

A "natural" adult male is actually a individual who misses occult life and wisdom. When a individual have been converted to God's Truth, he is a born again person, made alive by the Holy Place Spirit. It is the Holy Place Spirit which lights God's Truth in order that we can now understand the hope we have. Without this occult transformation, the natural adult male is spiritually dead and can not understand God's ultimate plan. As a result, this individual have no hope for an ageless life. It's all folly to them. But what is really foolish is that this so-called wise individual will never cognize a life of ageless peace, joy, love, contentment, patience, or long sufferiing in this human race or the next!

Our ultimate intent as a human beingness is to family with our Creator, God. The lone manner to make that is to accept His Son Christ. This credence then salvages us and gives us an heritage with Him in heaven. Other than this, no one, no substance how wise they believe they are, can ever trust to salvage themselves. And Supreme Being have given an unfastened invitation to "whosoever" will turn from their sinfulnesses and confess them and believe that Jesus is their Godhead and Jesus will be saved. This travels for every atheist, every agnostic, every individual of every race, religion, color, location and sex. No 1 will He turn down, even if you have got turned Him down. Supreme Being is patient, loving, merciful and gracious unto us. He desires that we will all one twenty-four hours cognize the hope we have got in this life and the next.

Do you cognize what your ultimate hope is today? Supreme Being doesn't anticipate you to be perfect. Don't wait to make clean up your enactment first because it's impossible anyway. If you are truly bad for rebelling against a holy Supreme Being and cognize you necessitate His forgiveness then don't wait another second. State Supreme Being the Father in your ain words 1. You are a evildoer and demand His forgiveness for those sins. State Him how truly bad you are. 2. State Him you believe that He sent His Son Jesus to decease in your topographic point and also that He raised Him from death. 3. Now give thanks Supreme Being for giving you a topographic point in Heaven with Him. If this was sincere and heartfelt, you can be assured that your name have just been add to the Lamb's Book of Life! Welcome home!!! State a Christian and larn how to maintain growing. Increase in godly wisdom.

Scripture taken from the New American Standard Version Bible.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Be Released And Set Free From Fear, Greed, Worry And Hypocrisy - Can That Be Possible?

Life faces us with assorted jeopardies and pitfalls. Fear, greed, concern and lip service are all dealt with so adequately and most comprehensively. Many are in the clasp and clasp of one or more than of these emotions. Can there be any escape? Most certainly!

Let me take you to these words of Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Jesus in Saint Luke Chapter 12 poetries 22 to 34 - where Jesus is speaking to adherents - at a clip when crowds are surrounding Him. These words of Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth are for adherents - and if you are a adherent then these words are for you - and we so necessitate to hear Jesus in these present days.

Jesus is speaking to adherents about dangers and jeopardies and pitfalls along the way. They are like warning guideposts on the expressway - or it is as if Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth is coning off certain subdivisions - coning off certain ways - shutting down a few lanes.

Jesus cognizes that there are roads, which are a deterrent to us - they can halter us - they are dangerous. If we go on some of these roadstead we could come up a cropper. There could be sad and tragical consequences.

We make not necessitate to go down the route called lip service - we make not necessitate to have got on a mask - we make not necessitate to child people on - we don't have to affect people. That is a enormous freedom - not to have got to travel down that road. We may not realise it now - just how many people are working so difficult at trying to affect others.

We don't necessitate to go down the route of fearfulness - that is a very busy road. People can even be afraid that they are not impressing others. And, when considering greed - being so concerned about selfishly accumulating wealthiness and wealth - without having a single idea for others - there is a affecting mention to that mediocre rich adult male - who invested in the incorrect topographic point assuming that he had many more than old age to dwell - how very incorrect he was. He did not even have got got 24 hours left on this Earth - and then he would have to go forth everything.

Jesus Jesus releases us from lip service (acting a function or playing games) - fearfulness - being selfishly greedy. These are large of import countries to be put free from - we make not have got to go down these roads.

Then Jesus Of Nazareth states - "Do not worry about your life - what you will eat - or about your organic structure and how you will clothe it." These words are being spoken to adherents - they are for us. Jesus Of Nazareth is saying to us - Follow Me and I will assist you avoid all worry.

Wealth can be as much a job to those who have got got a batch of money as well as those who make not have much. Those who have got got plenty and those who have very small - be given to worry. Jesus Of Nazareth is saying, "Don't worry - rather trust." Life is more than than nutrient and clothing. Life is more than than physical and material. Food and clothes should not be a precedence concern. There is a Negro Negro spiritual dimension which must not be neglected - rather, it have to be fed good food.

Jesus is encouraging His adherents to be concerned about their spiritual growing and development and well-being.

Look at the Corvus coraxes - they don't make a batch of work - they don't sough or harvest - they accept their allotted topographic point in the economic system of Creation - and God feeds them. "How much more than valuable you are than birds!"

A very serious inquiry originates here. We have got to hesitate and take clip to confront it. When in our human race work force and women and children are not being Federal - what have gone wrong? It is not the fault of God! It sounds a simple inquiry - but the reply have go complex and so complicated.

When there are so many dearths - when there would look to be such as a deficit of nutrient - over these past old age - there have ALWAYS been More than nutrient produced in the human race than is actually needed by man.

Some old age there have been 30% more nutrient than is demand - than adult male requires. So God have done His part. Jesus Of Nazareth do it so very clear. So - adult male better wrestle seriously with this important job at the peak degree and at every level.

Wars - tribal differences - weather condition statuses - but MOSTLY bad AND INADEQUATE distribution - these are the causes of many dearths and nutrient shortages. Basically sin - Man's unwillingness to share. This is an of import inquiry - and there is an answer.

Jesus is warning adherents here about the futility of worrying. Can you make anything by worrying about it? Can you lengthen your life by worrying about it? No - rather the antonym - you will shorten your life by worrying about it. Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth is instruction us that concern is unreasonable - unpointed - it will have on you down and accomplish nothing.

Jesus desires to present us - release us - salvage us - from worry.

On He travels to state to us - expression at the flowers - they are beautifully clothed - and yet, they are so temporary. And it is God Who clothing them in all their splendor.

Do you believe our Heavenly Father will take more than attention of His garden - His animate beings and pets - to the disregard of His children? No. No.

Remember for a minute that there are people who state to us, "O if lone the Christian church would lodge to the words and instruction of Jesus". I state you - people make not realise what Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth is offering - freedom from drama playing - kidding on - fearfulness - greed - worry.

Jesus learns us that concern is simply the consequence of a deficiency of faith. Rich Person religion in Supreme Being - be dependent upon God - trust upon Him - trust Him to provide. We make the sowing - but it is HE Who makes the increasing.

Do not be over concerned about what you are going to eat and drink and wear. The heathen secular human race runs after all these things - your FATHER cognizes that you necessitate nutrient and clothing! Wonderful!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Functional Occult Knowledge Teachings of the Masters - Part 19

A Maestro Speaks

The followers are some of the supernatural seed ideas my instructor I.F. passed on to me 30 old age ago. He called them supernatural seed ideas because the truth of them lies hidden, like the maize meat lies hidden in the seed. Patience was one of his cardinal words. He said that these supernatural (hidden) seed ideas would lie deep in my consciousness until I was ready to consciously understand them.

I.F. was a true maestro instructor and I lose our morning time talks. For 17 years; Iodine went to I.F.'s flat in Seagate, Brooklyn, N.Y.

I would convey the bagels and cheese and he would have got the java ready. His two sleeping room flat was furnished very simply. In the life room there was a card tabular array with two folding chairs, facing each other. An old pianoforte was on one wall, a stuffed sofa was on the other. And there were books, books, books, from flooring to ceiling.

We would sit down facing each other and eat our bagels and drink our coffee. When we finished, he would begin the lesson. He, myself and the whole room transformed to a different dimension.

Most of the cognition and wisdom that he shared with me was verbal. But he also had over 100 spiral notebooks of supernatural cognition that he had personally written. I was allowed to read them and manus transcript short letters into my notebook.

He was a true retiring master, who did not proselytize. He would only take 4 pupils at a time.

I would wish to share some of the supernatural seeds with you. Be patient and give them a opportunity to grow.

"No 1 can come in the human races of higher consciousness who have not passed the subject of Saturn.(Lord of Matter, Child of the Bill Gates of time."

The planet Saturn is very powerful and he do two or three electrical circuits of the houses of our astrological charts. At ages 28 and 56, he begins his 2nd and 3rd Saturn cycles. If we make not reconstitute our lives according to his demands, he will stay her in the darkness.

"For those who are asleep and unawakened, their lives look easier and simpler."

When you begin on the way towards higher Consciousness, life looks to acquire very difficult. This is because you are passing through a time period of Purificatio (spiritual alchemy.) This conveys many interior and outer alterations that may do pain. Your old useless playthings are taken away from you. When you look around at the masses, they look happier.... But they are attempting to climb up Spiritually and are basically Spiritually stagnate.

"You must restrict (focus) yourself in order to acquire power, like steam confined in a boiler."

Simplify your life. Stop all unneeded outgoes of energy. Use your energy to construct your higher organic structure and to make clean your interior cup.

"Your interior man/women must be renewed twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours or it will be drowned in the tumult of life!"

Our 24 hr time period is very special. The Sun travels to kip at nighttime and renews itself in the morning. It is the same with us. Upon awakening, we must pass our renewed energy on ourselves first, on our goals, speculations and Negro spiritual surveys before we travel out into the world. Once we step out into the world, life (the masses) it will sucking the energy out of us. Wage yourself first! And ticker where you put your attention.

"The energy of consciousness is different from the energy of Life."

Everything is energy. Energy is in human relationships on ascending and descending octaves of vibrations. Consciousness bes on a higher degree of quiver than makes the energy required to dwell life.

"Consciousness is not memory, nor is it thought, nor is it feeling, nor is it sense experience or movement." It is the energy that lifts 1 above the physical topographic point to higher states of consciousness.

When the Chinese talk of the Tao, they are talking of higher consciousness.

I will compose more than articles on I.F. inch the future.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hymns Vs Choruses - Finding The Right Balance In Church Worship Music

For three old age while I was a worship curate almost every hebdomad person from the fold would convey up the issue of Hymn's vs. Choruses. Some members wanted more than than than hymns, some wanted more choruses, some wanted anthems sung like choruses and some wanted less anthems and less "old" chorus songs so that we could make more "new" stuff. It didn't look like it was possible to do anyone happy.

In fact, it was hard to do anyone happy. I would seek to set the premix of the music and seek tried to educate members of my congregation. It just didn't look to matter... That was until I figured out that the issue wasn't really about anthems or choruses (at least for most people). The argument about these two styles of music was simply a manner of voicing other ideas and issues that were weighing on people's hearts. I came to recognize that in almost every case, when people voiced their dissent about anthems or choruses they had another issue that needful to be addressed. Here were the five most common issues that I found...

1. Congregation members wanted to experience that they were valued and that the things that mattered to them mattered to the leading of the church. They wanted to be heard and they wanted to experience that their opinion, likes, disfavors and feelings were of import to person else. Many of the aged members of the fold didn't desire to experience forgotten while little members wanted to experience that they had some say in the manner that the Christian church worked too.

2. There is an unbelievable amount of selfishness in the Church. Many Christian Christian church members are looking for a church that volition "meet their needs" above all else. This be givens to bring forth a consumeristic outlook that Pbs people to a topographic point of rating instead of participation. Often the model of the anthems vs. choruses argument necessitates to be reframed so that members recognize that it is not "all about me" but instead it is "all about Him".

3. The argument over the style of music for a Christian church is often more than about alteration and alteration procedure than it is about music. Change is painful and almost cipher wishes it. Sometimes as Christian church leadership, we bury that most people battle with change, especially if it is rapid. Congregation members desire to experience comfy when they come up to Christian church and alteration can do things comfortable. Often if the issue of anthems vs. choruses is raised as a tangible illustration of opposition or feelings of edginess with change.

4. Although there will always be a few people that love to kick about everything, it is of import to retrieve to give people the benefit of the uncertainty when they raise concerns about anthems vs. choruses. Often, when people recommend for more than of one or other style of music they are genuinely worried about the worship services being relevant and ministrant to a specific audience. Amazingly, two people who sit down adjacent to each other in the Christian church benches can see the mark audience of the church as two completely different groupings of individuals. A leading who projects vision well and have a clearly defined mark in head can really assist to relieve this problem. Many people who may have got a penchant for Hymns or choruses are willing to set aside their personal likes and disfavors in order to break curate to a different generation. This is one of the things that brands the organic structure of Jesus strong.

5. Sometimes it is not about the music at all but instead is about the theology. It is tough sometimes to state if this is the existent issue for person or just a manner for them to reenforce their point. Either way, both anthems and choruses should be evaluated carefully to guarantee that they reflect sound philosophy and tantrum with the instructions of God's word. Churches that take to make less anthems will often necessitate to work harder to guarantee that their music is not only doctrinally sound but is also theologically rich.

Leading worship can be a difficult job. However, apprehension where people are coming from when they convey up this issue can be even harder. These are five things that I noticed when dealing with the issue of anthems vs. choruses at my Church. Perhaps you will see them at your Christian church as well.

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