Monday, April 21, 2008

The World's Fastest Article Writing System

Want to speed up your article authorship into the fast lane? Desire to compose 2-3 or more than than articles a day, every day?

Well first you necessitate a system.

Decide what your subjects are (and notice I used the plural form here, your authorship system will only go high speed if you can compose on three or more subjects at the same time). What countries are you enlightened about? You may surprise yourself on how much cognition you have. It have got been said that if you have read more than than five books on a subject, you could probably compose your ain book on it.

Once you cognize your topics, start a booklet on each 1 and transport a spiral notebook with you at all times. Use the booklets to garner information on each area, and the notebook to jotting down thoughts as they come up to you throughout the day. Right now I am going through one 7x10 inch spiral notebook every other week, and that's too slow.

As your thought book starts to fill up up, take each "nugget," idea, interesting piece of information or source of an article; and start request inquiries about it. Gratuitous to say, you must compose out inquiry out in the notebook.

Fire every "who," "what," "when," "where," "why" and "how" inquiry you can believe of at that cardinal idea.

When you cannot believe of any more than questions, give your head a remainder and come up back to it a couple of hours later. When you are done, your article is 90% written.

Now reply (in writing) as many inquiries as your can. Don't be too verbose, don't halt to research until later, and only then if you must. Try to compose out replies that are at least 3-4 sentences long.

Do a small polishing, redaction and enchantment checking, and you are done.

No! Abrasion that! You are never done. Now travel on to your adjacent article. Look at the stuff you left out. Are there a different article in that material? If so, polish, redact and enchantment bank check again and station your 2nd article.

If not, travel back to your spiral notebook and pick another cardinal idea.

You cognize what to do.

COPYRIGHT(C)2006, Prince Charles Brown.

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