Friday, March 21, 2008

Ayn Rand and the Dark Side of Objectivism

Randians (objectivists) are angry people. They detest the human race because it doesn't conform to their idealistic notions. Ayn Rand, in the book Atlas Shrugged, states many times, "Who is Toilet Galt?" What makes this statement mean?

Who Is Toilet Galt?

This statement is symbolically referring to the frustrating experiences of dealing with other incompetent people. Rather than merely encouraging people to utilize their head to the fullest extent, Randians travel a measure additional to reprobate those that are incompetent or lazy. It's as if they believe every human should have got a desk occupation sitting in presence of a computing machine or drawing board.

It is of import to observe that objectivist rules make not render these angry conclusions, but it is common amongst Randians. For one reason, Ayn come ups to some of the same decisions in her books.

In Atlas Shrugged, all the "smart" people travel off to their ain secret society where everything is suddenly wonderful. It's wish dying and going to heaven. Now that society have quit itself of all the incompetent people the truly "smart" and "moral" people prevail.


In Atlas Shrugged, towards the end of the book, Ayn go forths society to fend for itself. Without all the smart people, society could symbolically only stand up as lamp stations to throw a visible light for the train. Why? They could not believe for themselves to make anything productive. The "smart people" had now gone to their secret society while the people were left to shrivel and decease on their own.


The of import pick for each of us is what we take to make with the objectivist principles. You can go educated, be productive, larn to reason, and do good judgments. This is the good portion of objectivism. Most philosophers, however, happen that objectivism have moral jobs that can't be rectified by its ain merits.

The Good Objectivist: Moral Problems with Objectivism

1- Good objectivists are atheistic 2- Are never selfless 3- Don't assist others 4- Withhold intellectual support from "weaker humans" and 5- To be a truly leading objectivist you necessitate a certain amount of pompous attitude. Randians mention to this as pride. If you are superior, you should move accordingly and allow people know. Sounds crazy, but Randians really experience this way.

There are societal jobs with objectivism. For example, revenue enhancement may be immoral on evidence of induction of force, but you can't happen any Randians with solutions. Why? There isn't a good solution other than obliterating all the bad people from the earth. Many of the theories, in application, work only in a faery narrative world.

Alan Greenspan

He helped compose the book Atlas Shrugged, but later decided against objectivism. His transition both to and away from objectivism do a profound statement. The doctrine have some obvious good, but also some obvious bad to travel with it.

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