Friday, November 30, 2007

This Light Is Needed As Much Today As It Was Then

When this singular adult male have a glorious prophetic vision of what was going to happen, it was so needed at that peculiar time, just as it is so greatly needed today.

In the vision he sees that it is as if the state had been life under a heavy yoke, and Supreme Being shatters the yoke and the people are put free. It is as if there have got got been a barroom across their shoulders and they have been captives - and their capturers have been whipping them with a rod. You will go on the elaborate textual matter of all this in Isaiah Chapter 9.

Israel suffered all this in Babylon because of their sinfulness - but Isaiah is able to state that the twenty-four hours is coming when soldier's boots and conflict clothing will be burned - and combustible for the fire - no longer being worn for warfare - but heating the cold persecuted imprisoned people.

How is all this going to happen? Through Jesus Of Nazareth Christ.

Isaiah goes very specific - 'the authorities will be on his shoulders'.

I can almost experience some people external respiration as soon as Isaiah said that, "We make not desire person to come up and regulate us and state us what to make and how to dwell - we desire to be free to act and unrecorded as we choose! We don't desire Supreme Being telling us what to make - we don't desire Book and all that stuff. We make NOT desire anyone to be over us - reigning and opinion - even though it is a gift. We have got got had 70 old age of sensitive regulation in Babylon."

There are modern times when Supreme Being states - "Well you can have that if that is what you really desire - off you travel - unrecorded as you wish to."

It was important to read recently of the addition in the diseases amongst women as a direct effect of over indulging in alcohol.

There was a book written around 40 old age ago - "None of These Diseases" - and one of the Chapters was directed to women - if you desire to dwell like work force then you will undergo some of the pressure levels and diseases which come up from some men's ways of life - and you don't necessitate to. It is happening.

If a adult male takes that manner - if a adult male do that determination - he have to accept the effects that consequence from that decision. If he do that pick certain things will follow later on - and he may wish he could have got avoided that.

Isaiah sees Supreme Being sending a Son - Isaiah sees that one twenty-four hours a very particular kid will be born - and this kid will go a King Who will govern. Isaiah gets to talk about the name calling which will depict this kid - this Jesus Of Nazareth Who became the Godhead Jesus Christ.

Names are of import - the words we utilize about people are of import - what we name people is important. Isaiah's name intends - "Salvation is of the Lord" - and as an obedient oracle he goes God's spokesman to State Of Israel during the reigns of four male monarches covering a time period of 60 years. Isaiah cast the visible light of Supreme Being as he was led and inspired and motivated at that time.

To come up under the control and regulation and reign of Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus is perfect freedom. Now that may sound a paradox. In a manner it is. But it is also gloriously true.

Sandy Shaw

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Becoming ONE, People and Planet - Awakeing to Self

In our modern times, not only have got we detached ourselves from our planet, we look to be on a missionary post to destruct it. However, if the planet is destroyed, where are we to live? This inquiry work stoppages such as fearfulness in us that many attempt to disregard it, as it looks that one individual is not adequate to halt the tide of destruction. At the same time, most of us are having jobs of our own. New diseases have got got surfaced, and many experience exhausted and baffled about why we look to feel different than we ever have before.

Could these two events be connected? Are it possible that "disaster" is the pandemonium that predates great transformation? Again, what can one individual do? On the other hand, what if we were actually more than than one person? What if the individual that we look to be today have vast, untapped potentiality that have been lost in the fighting for endurance in mundane life? We are currently using only 10-15% of our brain, and men of science have got told us that up to 90% of our deoxyribonucleic acid is "junk DNA."

If we can lift above our fearfulness and unrecorded in the integrity of love, perhaps we can awaken vast, untapped abilities; for where in nature is an being only 10% functional? The reply is, when they are in their chrysalis form. We have got been programmed by the human race around us to believe that alteration is awful (a fearfulness in which a caterpillar is too "uninvolved" to experience). Yet, we can look into our lives and retrieve modern times of great alteration where we were frightened that, perhaps, we would not do it through. Later, sometimes much later, we happen that our life is much improved.

Could it be that this huge devastation could also be a transition? There are many ancient prognostications that certify to that fact. If, indeed, we are in a clip of great transition, we necessitate to trip our interior resources and compound military units with like-minded others. These "others" include our planet, the life being with whom we are a part. It is "time" now that we awaken to our true SELF, for 10% of our possible is not adequate to confront the undertaking at hand.


We are that "Light of the ONE." However, when we were born, our great Light passed through the prism into our 3rd dimensional Earth vessel. We then forgot our Multidimensional self and became "just" a 3rd dimensional human. If we can awaken to the fact that we are more than than than our Earth vas and retrieve that "we" are the Light that fill ups this vessel, and much, much more, we can retrieve our true, Multidimensional SELF.

Once we go ONE with our SELF, we go ONE with every other Being of Light who have passed through the prism into the 3rd dimension. In fact, we then go ONE with the Being, Gaia, as she was named in early Greece, our planetary SELF. Actually, one individual at a time, we are beginning to retrieve that we were always ONE and we just forgot.

To fully remember, each of us must travel into the depths of the individual that we are NOW to happen our roots, deep in the core of Gaia, and share our great, Multidimensional Light with Her. Gaia, in turn, will share Her Planetary Consciousness with us to help us in remembering that WE are the Light of the ONE-the one we are Becoming.


As we awaken to our true, Multidimensional SELF, our consciousness will spread out to embrace truths that we have got long since forgotten. One of these truths is, "Everything is alive-because NOTHING is separate from the life military unit of the ONE." When we were "primitive," we believed that everything around us was alive and portion of the Great Mother. However, as we became "civilized," we detached our ego from our environment, from others, and from our Multidimensional SELF. Instead, we identified our "self" with the Earth vas that carried our Light and the egotism that have been its Captain.

This separation have created many innovations and inventions, but it have also created great fear. No longer is World our Mother and the life Being who protects us and affords us a topographic point to dwell and evolve. In our separation, not only have got got we forgotten how to pass on with the planet that we are a portion of, we have go her enemy and treated her as poorly as, well, as poorly as we handle other humans. In fact, we handle Gaea as badly as we often handle ourselves. It is fearfulness that makes this misconduct, for epinephrine fill ups our organic structure and our organic structure travels into endurance mode.

Unfortunately, fearfulness is far too natural to many, many people. How can it not be? We have got to protect ourselves and our loved 1s from a human race that is constantly in flux. On the other hand, what if we could pass one day, or even one hour, perceiving EVERYTHING as alive and an component of our self who, in turn, is an component of the Planet? Would we act differently than we make under the 3D Paradigm of Separation?

What human race would we make in a world where everything is alive and a part of our sum SELF? This self is actually already inside of us, waiting to be activated with our "conscious intention." Conscious purpose is often something we don't have got "time" for in our busy lives. Nonetheless, with practice, witting purpose can be just as familiar to you as fearfulness is now.

In reality, if we are not consciously fixed on life in love, fear, which is a natural reaction to today's changes, will take over. Two counterpoisons to fearfulness are information, as fear booms in ignorance, and love, especially love for our selves. For how can we "live in love" if we don't "feel" love. Through remembering our true, Multidimensional SELF, we can undergo the Unconditional Love that constantly fluxes from the self that we have got got got got got forgotten and the planet whom we have made into a "thing." Love is free and infinite, for love is a quiver that vibrates to the Light of the ONE from whence we came.


The early morning clip light

shines through the window

glistening and dancing

across the table.

Now is the time to remember,

remember our Self.

Now, when the visible visible light is near,

we must let it to come in deep within

to uncover our self and

awaken ancient memories

that cognize all,

feel all,

think all,

love all.

For lone in

knowing our Self,

can we truly cognize another.

Only in

trusting our Self,

can we truly trust another.

Only in

receiving comfortableness from our Self,

can we truly comfortableness another.

Only in

loving our Self,

can we truly love another.

We have many "selves," for we are the sum of money sum of everyone we have ever been and everything we have ever experienced. Most of our many selves are "unconscious" to our mundane life, which is quite fortunate or we would be completely overwhelmed. On the other hand, we have got some extremely evolved people who are lost inside our unconscious mind, as well as some very hurt people whom our powerful selves could love into healing. Love, is the healing military unit of the Universe. Love is an energy field which spreads out and unites. Hence, it is the perfect balance for fear, an energy field that constricts and separates.

It is clip NOW to let go of the semblances of separation from our true SELF, so that we can be free of the illusional restriction that we have got been taught by a human race filled with fear. One of the first facets of our ego that we necessitate to retrieve is our interior child, so that we can recover our fantastic imagination. Imagination is the brick and howitzer for creating the life that is just beyond our belief in limitation; for, how can we make that which we cannot imagine? Imagination is the core of creativity, as it lets us to encompass that which is so different that it looks impossible.

Wake up, now, from the dreaming that you believed was reality,

and your true self will be revealed like the farewell clouds uncover the Sun.


Our 3rd dimensional organic structure is usually ruled by our witting mind, but when we have got the courageousness to dunk into the shadows of our unconscious mind, we get to mend our hurt child. This healing makes a powerful accelerator for change. It makes not substance how we change, for each 1 will change in their ain manner according to their ain directions. What counts is that, as we mend our hurt child, we slowly get to link with our Godhead Child, who throws the memory of our true, Multidimensional SELF. With the awakening of our Godhead Child, we gradually go "conscious" of some of the innate abilities of our true SELF.

Unfortunately, many of us may experience as though we must conceal our new abilities for fearfulness of judgement from others. On the other hand, if we are brave adequate to "come out of the closet" and state things such as as as, "I met an angel in my dreamings last night," or "I knew you were going to state that," or openly acknowledge that we have got awakened to our multidimensional powers, such as precognition, telepathy, empathy, instincts, psychokinesis or clairvoyance, we function to do it safer for others to "come out" as well. Many of these abilities have got been shrouded with superstitious notion and disbelief, but as more than than and more of us come up forward, what have formerly seemed "different" will go "normal."

This fearfulness of being different began long ago with the superstitious notion unleashed by the Dark Ages. At that time, anything that was different from what was considered "normal" was bad. Hence, if person accidentally remembered their Multidimensional self and openly expressed it, they were considered different. Worse yet, they were considered evil. Hopefully, we have got evolved enough in this transition of clip that fearfulness is no longer the first reaction to a alone experience. Psychic powerfulnesses are not wicked or even magic. They are natural abilities of our Multidimensional SELF.

We are on the brink of a paradigm shift. Once we thought the human race was level and the Sun rotated around the Earth. As we spread out our consciousness beyond the hard-and-fast confines of the 3rd dimension, our percepts also spread out so that we can consciously comprehend beyond the bounds of our 3rd dimensional reality. Yesterday's scientific discipline fiction goes today's scientific fact, and our unconscious and superconscious heads go consciously accessible in our mundane life. Some of the multidimensional abilities that we will recover are:



n. Cognition of something in progress of its occurrence, especially by extrasensory perception.

Precognition, seeing into the "future," is the 4th dimensional ability to travel beyond the restraints of 3D clip and into the mutable clip of the 4th dimension. Once we have got practiced our sense of foreknowledge we can even discriminating between a "possible reality" and a "probable reality." A possible world is a pick of the egotism and a likely world is a directive from our 5th dimensional SELF. If we are in melody with our SELF, we will likely welcome, and take to experience, that world by filling it with our desire and witting intention.



n. Apparent communicating from one head to another without using centripetal perceptions.

Telepathy is the ability to read, or have got a "knowing," of another person's thoughts. An illustration would be when we reply a inquiry that the other individual have not yet spoken. It is a 4th and 5th dimensional ability, which is a natural effect of either moving beyond the restraints of 3rd dimensional clip and into the more than fluid 4th dimensional time, and/or moving into 5th dimensional consciousness where all life is blended in integrity with the ONE.



n. Direct designation with, apprehension of, and vicarious experience of another person's situation, feelings, and motives.

Empathy is the ability to experience another person's emotions. It is a 2nd dimensional ability shared by "primitive" tribal societies, herd animals, and/or birds in a flock. An illustration of this is when our pet come ups up and jogs us in an effort to comfortableness our sadness. Other illustrations are a mother's apprehension of what her nonverbal baby necessitates and a healer's deep knowing of how a patient feels.



n. The motion of physical physical objects by scientifically incomprehensible means.

Telekinesis is the ability to travel objects with our mind. It is a 4th and 5th dimensional ability which lets us to travel physical objects through space without the works of our physical body. In our 4th and 5th dimensional self, our mind, emotions and purposes are more than powerful than our muscles. Therefore, we can displace physical objects by combining our ideas and emotions with our witting intention.



n. Associate In Nursing inborn form of behaviour that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to specific environmental stimuli: the spawning inherent aptitude in salmon; selfless inherent aptitudes in societal animals. A powerful motive or impulse, or an innate capableness or aptitude: an inherent aptitude for tactfulness and diplomacy.

Instinct, which is an innate "knowing," is another 2nd dimensional ability based on our "primitive self" who have the ability to tune up into the planet to cognize where H2O is, what nutrient will mend us or poisonous substance us and the location of our "tribe." If we "give a Equus caballus his head," he will happen water. Animals in the wild cognize what nutrient they are meant to eat and what nutrient will ache them. Birds in a flock all return off in the same exact second. Animals in a herd transmigrate as one being. If world are "more evolved" than these animals, why would we loose that ability?



n. The powerfulness to see physical physical objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses; acute intuitive penetration or perceptiveness.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see objects that vibrate to the 4th dimension and beyond. As we spread out our consciousness, our percepts spread out beyond the confines of the 3D spectrum of light. Hence, we can "see" physical objects and beingnesses in the 4th dimension and beyond.



n. The powerfulness to hear things outside the scope of normal perception.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds from the 4th dimension and beyond. With practice, we can all pass on with worlds that vibrate to frequences beyond the 3rd dimension.



n. The enactment or mental faculty of knowing or sensing without the usage of rational processes; contiguous cognition. Cognition gained by the usage of this faculty; a perceptive insight, a sense of something not apparent or deducible; an impression.

Intuition is the ability to compound the percepts of the 4th dimension and beyond, such as as vision, hearing, proprioception (our location in space) and smell. All these abilities are derived from our brain's operation beyond the 10-15% scope that is considered "normal."



n A status of Negro spiritual awareness; Godhead illumination; "follow God's light. The grade of visibleness of your environment, an reading that takes obstructions to understanding.

Illumination originates as we give up our egotism to our 5th dimensional Soul/SELF to go ONE with the now of the higher dimensions. Just one 3D minute of such as Union can put us on a Way that takes most of our life to journey.


This term is not establish in traditional dictionaries.

Clairsentience is the umbrella term for all psychical senses together. When we are clairsentient, we can access our expanded senses to smell, see and touching another person's aura, hear another person's ideas or experience their emotions.

As we link with our Multidimensional SELF, we experience an interior impulse to spread out our abilities beyond the restrictions of the society in which we live. Our self gives the courageousness to "come out" with our latent abilities and to disregard the judgements of others who are still afraid of change. The human race is uniting, thanks to the few who have got the vision to hammer ahead where others are afraid to change. It is the unperceived influence of our Multidimensional self that is creating this change. Imagine the alteration that volition happen as we consciously acknowledge and unify with our greater SELF.


What makes it intend to be "conscious" in the physical plane? Bashes it intend simply to be alive or makes it intend also to be aware? And, of what are we aware? Actually, to which of the countless percepts make we take to consciously attend? Our physical life is not just what we throw in our daily, witting mind, it is also the ability to be "conscious" of what we seek to conceal deep interior ourselves. We all have got many memories concealed in our unconscious mind, as well as in our superconscious mind.

To be truly "conscious" in our everyday life we must also be aware of these hidden parts of our sum consciousness. Otherwise, we will not have got entree to all of our possible picks of perception. While we are limited to the logical, sequential processing of our 3rd dimensional consciousness, we cannot go to to the changeless bombardment of multidimensional stimuli. Therefore, we must filter out most of what we comprehend and stay aware of lone a little part of our sum life experience. All that we have got chosen to disregard is then stored in our unconscious and superconscious minds.

These "perceptual filters" are created by our beliefs. Our beliefs influence our expectations, and, in turn, our outlooks influence our perceptions. For example, if we believe that the human race is a hostile place, we will anticipate to see an enemy around every corner. Then, since we believe that the human race is hostile, when some 1 come ups around that corner, a normal individual with a huge and paradoxical scope of ideas and emotions, we anticipate to see an angry baleful person.

Therefore, we are aware of lone the parts of that complex individual that are expressing anger, as we have got filtered-out the parts of that individual that are sort and loving. Then, because we have got chosen to comprehend this complex individual as being angry, we experience a demand to "defend" ourselves against this "angry" person. With our fearfulness and anger, we magnify the fearfulness and choler in this stranger. Voila! We have got got created an enemy, and we have also reaffirmed our belief that the human race is a hostile place.

On the other hand, allow us state that our belief is that the human race is generally a loving topographic point and that most people are of good nature. Now, on the very same day, at the very same time, we walk around the same corner and ran into that same composite person. Because we believe the human race is generally a loving place, we anticipate the approaching individual to be friendly. Therefore, we smile warmly and state hello.

Since we are warm and friendly, we magnify the part of this alien that is also warm and friendly. Also, we anticipate a friendly reply, so we filter out the part of this individual that is frightened or angry and take to comprehend the part that is friendly. In this scenario, it is likely that the individual will react in the same mode in which he or she was addressed. Again, we have got affirmed our belief by "unconsciously" choosing to comprehend that which is consistent with the outlooks of that belief.

CREATION OF belief filters

How were the beliefs defined that created our formed? Belief filters are custom-made based on a hierarchal system. In other words, what is most of import come ups first. And, what is most of import of all is survival. Built-In in all species is the "fear for survival". Once this fearfulness is activated, we make systems that supply a primary coping chemical mechanism so that we can survive. For example, if we are a individual who believes that the human race is a hostile place, we were likely raised in a awful environment. In order to last to adulthood, we learned to believe that everyone and everything was a possible threat.

Therefore, we expected an enemy everywhere and were constantly prepared for battle. This readying for conflict became a "primary coping mechanism," and, even though the external danger eventually left, our readying for "war" was stored in our unconscious self. This unconscious belief system then directs our outlooks and eventual perceptions. Hence, we are now recreating our childhood environment.

On the other hand, if we are a individual who believes that the human race is a loving place, we were likely raised in a safe and lovingness environment. Or, perhaps we worked through our early fearfulness and choler and have got establish a manner to believe in love. Either way, we have got got learned to believe that the human race is a loving topographic point or, at least, we have learned to believe in the powerfulness of love. Therefore, we are now able to filter out the encompassing negativeness and be aware of the positive.

The fact is, not many of us are able to come up into maturity without some fear, anger, loss or pain. However, if we are somehow able to happen love, we can utilize our past injury to acknowledge real, "not perceived," danger so that we can protect ourselves. All of us are now experiencing, or have got experienced, a world that was created for us by our families, our past, and our society. These worlds are based on beliefs that were programmed into our consciousness.

Some of these beliefs have got got assisted us, but some of them have created great restrictions in our ability to expect, and perceive, the positive and loving facets of our 3rd dimensional life. Our beliefs can be changed, but wont is powerful. The world that is familiar conveys comfort, even if it hurts. Therefore, how can we interrupt out of the habitual beliefs of the familiar and make bold to step into an unknown region and unfamiliar reality?


To change our reality, we must transmute our belief in fearfulness and restriction into a belief in love and freedom. When our belief system is based on fear, we experience separate from the human race around us because our position is that everyone and everything may seek to harm us. However, when we larn to believe in love we experience united with the world. Everyone and everything can then be viewed as a new chance to undergo love.

Belief in fearfulness and restriction makes a self-image of being a victim, "The human race is my enemy, and I am its victim." On the other hand, belief in love and freedom makes a self-image of empowerment, "Somehow I created my world and since I created it, I can change it." It is in switching from "living in fear" to "living in love" that we can change the footing of our belief systems. Only then can we get to change the world that we experience. This alteration takes clip and understanding, but if we can acknowledge that our experiences are lessons, we can get our transmutation from a dependent victim to a dependable leader.

This transmutation have three phases: being "dependent," being "independent," and being "dependable." Everyone moves through these phases of consciousness. Since we are all complex people, we often travel through these forms more than quickly in some countries of our life and more slowly in others. Usually, it is in the countries of our life where we have got got known love that we can transform quickly, and the countries that have caused us fear that transform more than slowly. Unfortunately, these fear-filled countries of our life often go our personal nemeses, and we go back again and again to turn to the same old issues in a new way. Fortunately, we each have got only a few of these "stuck" places. These countries of our life are our top challenge, yet they also supply the top chance for personal growth.


The flower opened slowly

because Iodine thought it must.

The labour was so painful

because it seemed unjust.

The sky was dark and dreary,

for crying had blurred my sight.

But, love returned and called the Sun

to turn me towards the light.

My Spirit whispered to me

in reply to my call,

"Come here, my dear, and listen

and I will state you all.

You are Godhead of your life

in each and every way

by the histrions you execute with

and the plays that you play.

What minute are you choosing?

What torture are you losing?

Open up your heart, my dear.

Fill it full of love, not fear.

The journeying is beginning.

Your freedom you are winning.

Live life in surrender,

Allow your Soul to choose

Walk upon the way of love,

There's nothing you can lose."

At last I know, I am aware,

I retrieve what I knew.

I welcome in a trade name new life.

The old 1 now is through.

Excerpted from Becoming ONE, People and Planet: A Manual for Personal and Planetary Transformation

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Applications Toward Creating Your Own Compelling Future

Yesterday memories, they are either good or bad. What you desire to make is to leverage good memories to make future events. Think back about the 1 thing that always takes to a positive consequence in your life. I cognize for myself and I can turn out this statistically, every clip I analyze and larn something new, somewhere down the line my income increases. It doesn't substance whether it was informal or formal instruction or training. It is always that one thing that you make that sets you on fire and you go unstoppable.

Today you have got the opportunity and a pick to make more, to be more than than and enactment more in conformity with what you desire and desire in life. I remember reading a book on Zen Buddhism doctrine and in that book, it made the statement that the minute you have got in presence of you and what you make with it, will find your destiny. The good thing is that each minute in clip that appears, you have got a pick and that pick is either pickings you toward your aim or it is not.

Your tomorrow is determined by what you make today, in reading Joel Osteen book "Become a Better You" he made the followers statement "God never executes his top deeds in your yesterdays" He promotes to maintain planning, to maintain hoping and looking into a great future.

In hearing to British Shilling Proctor he was talking about in retrospect that with his first mentor, he establish that British Shilling didn't believe in Bob. He realized that his mentor's belief in him, gave him hope. This starts to demo up in many things that I have got read. It is like a concatenation reaction, hope takes to faith, religion takes to belief, belief takes to confidence, assurance takes action, and action takes to results.

One demands to be hopeful about whatever one desires in life. Once this is cultivated then religion will settle down in. If you look at visualization, what is it other than the image of a hopeful future? Once this hereafter designing is clear it takes to faith. This is why most wise men and managers clear up actions, and marks and ends etc. If it is not clear to you in your heads eye, then religion will be difficult to come up by.

Visualization is something you do. In other words it is an action. What make we cognize about the Law of Cause and Effect? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What makes this mean? Well we can take this respective ways, if we look at paradigms, if we visualise a positive value, we shall acquire its equal, but along with this we also acquire the antonym the negative. Here we have got a pick we can concentrate on the positive value, turning hope into religion or give attending to the negative which have the same consequence turning negative hope into negative faith. That is the Law of Attraction.

Faith is the belief in things not seen as yet. One more than thing, are you in the picture? A batch of people do the mistake of visualizing without placing themselves in the picture. Think about this, conceive of lying in bed covered by billions of dollars and see yourself bathing in it, laughing and enjoying that minute of wealth. Now, see billions of dollars falling from the sky, but go forth yourself out of the picture. Which image make you experience will function you? Get the point.

Repeating this vision day-to-day for a calendar month or so, once in the morning, a few modern times during the day, and before you travel to sleep, is a method of turning vision into an affirming belief. Putting this vision into words will also assist you turn things hoped for into faith. Affirmations are powerful, to those who are more than auditory, speaking the words works better than visualizing. Some people are kinesthetic, so they necessitate to compose their avowals and touching money, it doesn't have got to be existent money, it could be drama money. Some people necessitate to make all three Iodine would state I am 70% visual, 20% auditory and 10% kinesthetic. Ocular things with sound inclusive of the written word have got more than impact on me than hearing and feeling on its own. Are you getting the image "know thyself?"

What is the aim of what we covered so far? We have got taken hope and turned it to faith. What is the adjacent step? We necessitate to put in confidence. Now detect here we did not speak about taking any external actions. All we have got done is set up ourselves for receiving that which we visualize. We have got placed the picture, sound and or feeling in place. Feelings are key, if visual image doesn't turn you on then happen out what does, it could be a piece of music that moves you, it could be something that you touch than gives you a feeling of prosperity, or the combination of all three.

Now we necessitate to be moved into confidence. This measure is the planning stage! Remember the exercising above taking 1 thing that you cognize always works to travel you to a positive result. Let that one thing sit down in your head and wait. An thought may hit you right away or maybe a twenty-four hours or so later, but when the thought hits you, compose it down. Don't bury about the Law of Cause and Effect, just concentrate on what is possible not on the other. That volition start turning your religion into confidence.

You see we are only preparing the dirt to receive. Your head is like a garden it necessitates to be fertilized and nurtured. During this period, I strongly urge that you remain away from the television and negative people. If you are in a state of affairs where you are in proximately of negative thought and acting behavior, minimise your contact as much as possible. Gauge your feelings with those around you. You may symbolically take a lavish or wash your custody to cleanse yourself from that contact.

Let us recapitulation we have got moved hope into religion and religion into confidence. The adjacent measure is to travel assurance into action. You have got an idea, to turn your combustion desire into reality. Write it down and build a program to implement that idea.

You don't have got to be fancy. You may just desire to compose down the different things that would necessitate to be made available or created in order to do this thought work. This is your starting point. If your vision is to be an enterpriser then you should happen the right concern opportunity. The logical thing to research, what sort of opportunities, what imputes you are looking for, will it be in the same community you are now. Maybe it is a 2nd occupation or a peculiar calling you desire to experience, you might necessitate to acquire further skills, so begin from where you are. You desire to be writer, but you have got no thought how to begin or what style, choice up some books on the subject. This volition acquire you started in the way that you desire to travel in.

When one is done with laying out a program of action, then the adjacent volition be to use for that occupation chance or start that business. This could be getting a license, submitting an application, writing an article, or starting on a book concept, joining a club, taking a class, doing what will convey you into that field of endeavor. It could even be joining a dating service, or a joint venture. Imagination runs the full array of what is possible, if you can gestate of the thought then it is possible for you. Set day-to-day ends to carry through your tasks. This is a measure by measure process.

In time, with steady continuity and your vision in mind, you will happen yourself heading in the way that you most desire. Most of the work is done within. Each undertaking when executed will convey about a result. Analyze them and do certain they are taking you to where you desire to go. It is the aggregation of the completed undertakings that acquire you to your destination.

Hope into faith, religion into confidence, assurance into action and actions into results. That is procedure of creating your compelling future. It is simple but not easy.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

These Are Words I Never Want To Hear

Isaiah prophesies this powerful and acute message in Chapter 1, but it did not perforate the Black Maria of the people of Supreme Being to whom it was addressed.

Isaiah saw such as sinfulness in the state of Israel. Those people who were called by Supreme Being to demo us Gentiles the way, had turned away from Him. He saw people who were so wounded and bruised and hurt. He saw how the 10 folks of State Of Israel in the North had been overrun.

Isaiah is the adult male who talks to Judah and Jerusalem. He is God's mouthpiece.

Isaiah talks about the falseness in the Temple, and how Supreme Being was aweary of all that was going on - poetries 12 to 18.

I never desire to hear words like that, coming from the oral cavity of God. Then come ups this entreaty from Supreme Being - poetries 18 to 20 - which could also be read as a very existent warning. Wash - kind things out - go willing and obedient, and you will be blessed and not devoured.

A batch was going on - from the outside it looked all right - but Supreme Being saw things differently.

Sin was rampant in the state and in the lives of the people who came to worship, and we have got God's ideas here. This is what Supreme Being thought of what He saw. "I cannot bear to be present in your services."

God then pulls Isaiah's attending to the status of the city, and he talks boldly and courageously. There are modern times when Jesus Of Nazareth pulls our attending to something. There are modern times when the Holy Place Spirit demoes us a specific substance with which we have got to deal. Sometimes we can almost wish to run away.

God gives these people the pick - you take - how make you desire to live? But cognize this - what haps to you will be determined by your answer. That is strong prophetic preaching.

God is for ever setting before His people - picks - and challenges - and opportunities. That haps each clip we come up to His Word.

Sandy Shaw

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Monday, November 26, 2007

When You Are Troubled, Pray

Turn with to larn some very of import lessons from Psalm 5, where Saint David goes on to be troubled, and where he goes on to pray. There is a gem of truth already. When you are troubled - pray.

It sounds common sense. But then common sense is not very common.

David's bosom is heavy - he is burdened. This adult male of Supreme Being have a existent job in his life, and he cried out to His Supreme Being and His King for help.

He cognizes that his crying out volition range not only the ears of Supreme Being but the bosom of God. Address your outcry to the One Who can assist - and it will not always be words - it might be sighing! And he is specific.

Each morning time I come up before You, Type O God. I volition get the twenty-four hours with You and I will share with You everything that is on My Heart.

Now, that would have on any adult male out, but that will not have on out the bosom of God. Seek God's favor in the morning. Here we read of Saint David the courageous warrior male monarch at prayer. He travels unashamedly to God.

Some have got said that supplication is just a crutch for weak people - never. But if it was I'd still utilize it - and be seen using it. And Lord, I will be waiting for the reply - waiting in expectation. Sometimes we pray and we don't really anticipate Jesus Of Nazareth to answer.

God takes no pleasance in evil and there is a batch around. We are given a God's positions of wicked and wickedness. They give no pleasance to Him, and they cannot dwell with Him.

David cognizes the fictional character of God, and we cognize it even better through the life, illustration and ministry of Jesus Of Nazareth Christ.

We larn another lesson in poetry 5. Foolish proud chesty evildoers will not last in the presence of God. Supreme Being detests all who are in any manner connected with wicked or evil and incorrect doing - these are strong words.

I make not desire to belong to that grouping of people and have got Supreme Being trade with me as is described in these verses. And yet He loves sinners.

God will cover with those who talk prevarications and spreading rumours. He abhors the adult male who homicides and deceives. We see here something of just how much Supreme Being detests sin - and that of course of study is revealed through the Cross - that was really the lone manner sin could be dealt with - through the cast blood of the Lamb of God. And sinfulness is a word that is seldom mentioned and have almost fallen out of or lost its significance in today's vocabulary.

God was so concerned that He sent Jesus. We were in such as a messiness - spotted - stained - mucky - marred - filthy - poisoned by sinfulness - and Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth and His Blood is the lone antidote.

Jesus takes the sinfulnesses - heals the cicatrixes - and soothes the wounds.

When we come up to poetry 7 we read that Saint David is not going to stay on the outside when it come ups to Worship. He is not a adult male to stand up on the fringe. He is going to come up into the Centre of things - in the topographic point of clemency and blessing. He is going to be where he cognizes he will happen aid and strength, and he is going to near Supreme Being with awe and respect.

We make not just hotfoot into His Presence. There is a clip for separation - a clip to come up apart and be with God. Saint Saint David is not ashamed to come up up in his demand - nor abashed to come and worship His Supreme Being and His King.

David is a adult male of action. He do a determination and then acts.

Sandy Shaw

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Prophetic - New Warriors Arising

I foretell a new issue of truster coming onto the Negro spiritual stage. I have got got seen them in visions and those operation in Prophetic Ministry have seen them and spoken of them. Many that Supreme Being is sending have got already emerged but these are only the vanguard.

The antecedents now doing ministry will be followed by a greater and monolithic human tidal wave. A Negro spiritual regular army that volition release the end clip glorification of Supreme Being into every part of the earth. They will be the end clip crop but also the end clip harvesters. As they progress the Kingdom of Supreme Being on Earth they will also multiply in numbers. There volition be a type of Supreme Being / Person cloning that will multiply their ranks. The brush with Supreme Being will be so intense and so pure that recruits will take on His Living Presence and walk in full maturity. Supreme Being will take a breath into these work force and women just as He breathed into Adam. These work force and women will be radically in love with God. They will exhibit an intense degree of familiarity with the Holy Place Spirit. They will apparent unusual marks and wonderments as they proclaim the life Presence of Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. They will walk in a pureness of heart, have got a ardent love for others and transport a laid down sacrificial committedness to the Heavenly Father. The anointing and powerfulness is being released now and you can travel into the warrior ranks along with the infinite others that Supreme Being is recruiting in this season.

People of all ages are being taken into intense experiences and brushes with Supreme Being in tangible occult ways. They are so heavily immersed into the Presence of Supreme Being that they are drunk under His influence. They bask long Sessions of entire alcoholism under the Holy Place Spirit. It is there that they have visions, prophetic information and direction. They originate from these drawn-out Sessions with Supreme Being and travel forth to transform the lives of one thousands through powerfulness filled evangelism accompanied by occult miracles, marks and wonders.

These warriors will prosecute wicked fastnesses and subdue them in great power. They will let go of cogent judgements on wicked principalities. Angels again will see the fastnesses of the Sodoms and Gomorrahs that abound throughout the earth. Their outcry of torture and torment have ascended to Heaven and Supreme Being will direct forth justice, clemency and judgment. Judgment on the powerfulnesses of darkness and those refusing to repent. It will be a clip of danger for the unrepentant. He will pour out great grace, clemency and forgiveness on all who name on Him. These Heaven sent warriors will convey autonomy to people who were previously sold out to criminal activity. Criminal organizations, street gangs, whorehouse and harlotry webs will fall in because of members turning their lives over to Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. Drug trusts will discontinue to run for a season until the clip appointed for darkness to originate again.

Good society people will meet The One that tin convey true fulfilment and joy. Churches will be radically put free from their spiritual traditions and proclaim finally that the life Supreme Being is on land site and taking them out beyond the walls of the denomination.

This approaching season will also be a season of favour in the transference of wealthiness into the custody of those beingness used by the Lord. Provision for the vision will take as loot the wealthiness of the wicked. It will impact economic systems of nations. Governments and secular concern will develop services to suit the displacement caused by His Kingdom on Earth marketplace needs.

You could lose all this. You could be an perceiver only. You could stay inactive and unresponsive. On the other manus you could step into the top motions of Supreme Being on this Earth as He conveys the ages to a triumphal climax. How? Position yourself in Toilet chapter 15 and remain there by His grace.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Spiritual Choice - Unconditional Love or Conditional Love

In the dualistic existence of theory of relativity there are two ways to look at love. First is the love based paradigm of love that come ups from integrity consciousness. Second is the fear-based paradigm of love that come ups from a separation mentality. Love-based love is unconditional love. Fear-based love is conditional love.

The sad thing about it is because we are taught from birth to undergo this fear-based paradigm of love, we not only encompass it, but we make it unconsciously in our ain experiences of love. As we put our statuses and undergo our fears, we cognize deep within ourselves that this fear-based conception of love cannot truly be the love that we wish to experience as pure.

It makes not look right to maintain thought 'I will love you if....' If you are a blonde. If you are rich. If you are pretty. If you allow me take advantage of you. If you will love me back. It makes not substance what the "ifs" are because, with this paradigm, the fearfulness is always there.

You fear the light-haired may turn to gray. You fear the wealth may travel away. You fear the pretty may acquire old and ugly. You fear that your advantage may change and they will take advantage of you, or you fear that they will not love you.

What you make not always recognize is that whoever you are projecting this fear-based love on is doing the same to you. They were taught fear-based love just like you were, and their percepts of you are also deeply rooted in the conception of conditions. Neither political party can uncover their true selves or they will be at a disadvantage in the relationship.

Their fearfulness is that their statuses will not be met and they will be vulnerable to the statuses push upon them. Trust is lost and then fear tallies amuck with lies, fraudulence and rejection, all in the name of love, but not love purely given.

What is this conception of love purely given? It is defined within the paradigm of the Supreme Being of integrity consciousness. The Supreme Being of unity is at her core pure love. There is nil to fear about this Supreme Being because the result of your life is assured. This is a Supreme Being who makes not justice you, and lets you to dwell your life freely in the mode you choose. This is a Supreme Being who have no cause to penalize you. You will not be condemned to hell, because there is no such as topographic point in the universe. This Supreme Being dispenses her love unconditionally and is totally accepting. You can swear and demand not fear this God.

We see by our ain fear-based system of love (which is the paradigm of separation), and the ideas we believe about love when we are stuck in this paradigm are that they reprobate us to never really experience unconditional love.

This paradigm, and the conditioned love it requires, also reprobates us to never acquire to cognize the all-loving Supreme Being of integrity and unity. We cannot cognize this Supreme Being as long as we take fear-based actions. The actions that we have got got got got got been taught all our lives.

These fear-based actions will never let us to recognize ourselves, and never let us to apparent in our world the full glorification of who we really are and who we can be.

To do this paradigm displacement from an untrustworthy, fearful, and vengeful Supreme Being who is separate from us, to a trusting, loving, and accepting Supreme Being who is one with us, we have to change the beginning of our teachings.

In the past we have trusted in the instructors and coaches who have fed back to us the events and experiences of adult male and have claimed to state us the truth. Their instructions are well intentioned and not meant to misinform, but the human race is that their instructions came from the same fear-based paradigm this world have subscribed to for one thousands of years. This external manner of screening the human race have got not stopped the killing, hate, and fearfulness that permeates all of civilised society, as we cognize it today.

These instructions have relied on man's thought that by passing on the experiences of the past, we can do a better future. Man cannot appreciation the thought that we should be able to larn from the past, because we go on to reiterate the same errors and actually kill, hatred and fearfulness on a much grander scale. Hate and fearfulness have got escalated civilised society's ability to construct more than and better arms of killing and destruction.

The conception behind how we dwell our lives today is rooted in the thought that we are here to larn the lessons of life. We travel to school to larn some of life's lessons quicker and easier in a standardised setting. This environment is well suited for the fear-based world that states we are separate from each other.

By allowing a standardised state of affairs to be to learn us the lessons of life, we make the perfect scene to truly exemplify and promulgate the separation mentality. This instruction system sets the standards, and the pupils have got to mensurate up to them. Those that win in figuring out the system are deemed acceptable to society, and those who make not are deemed failures and are relegated to failure position in our society.

Success in this instruction system guarantees that you will at least have got the chance to fit yourself with the accomplishments to win the game of endurance of the fittest. It makes not vouch the result of your life, but you have got less fearfulness of losing or failure.

Those who make not win in this system are denied many of the chances required to play the game effectively, much less win the game of endurance of the fittest. It makes not vouch that you will be a failure, but it intends that you will have got to travel outside the system to get what you necessitate in order to compete.

Compete you must in this system because it is one of victors and losers. We are taught from early on that we desire to be winners. To be a also-ran is to fail. The result of your life is in serious uncertainty if you are a failure. This is what we have got got been taught from our earlier lessons in life.

Under the pretense of looking out for our best interests, we have been told that we must larn life's lessons in order to be successful. Success was defined in different ways and we could easily look at the human race around us and find that, somehow, success was having tons of money or celebrity or a combination of both. Somewhere in the instruction procedure we were led to believe that once you were successful you would have got got felicity and peace.

Nowhere make they learn you that in order to have felicity and peace all you necessitate to make is take felicity and peace and then "Be felicity and peace."

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finding Spirituality Within

People in recovery who are successfully working the Twelve Steps cognize that Alcoholics Anonymous is a Negro spiritual program. At first some people in hunt of soberness in recovery are turned off when they are told spiritualty is the very foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps. Spiritualty is often equated with religion, but spiritualty is more than than that and travels deeper; it is the foundation for a spiritual tradition. Religion, according to Webster, is "the recognition of a Godhead Being and a systematic manifestation in worship, rite and conduct."

Many people make not have got a systematic worship or rite and yet are still spiritual. When a individual is not affiliated to a specific religion, he or she can mistakenly reason that he or she is not spiritual. Nurturing a Negro spiritual life can take a individual to show his or her connexion with Supreme Being in and through a spiritual tradition. Yet, spiritualty transcends a religion. Every human beingness is Negro spiritual by virtuousness of the fact that he or she have breath or life.

As we progressively fight through life's positive and negative minutes we can either cultivate the fine art of life or we can merely survive.

Spirituality is frequently considered by many people as some thing to be acquired. For many old age I have got got worked at Hanley Center, Occident Palm Beach, Florida, as a Negro Negro spiritual counselor, and often people inquire me, "What must make I make to acquire spiritualty or can you assist me go more than spiritual?" In lawsuits where work force and women have been through respective Twelve Measure treatment programs, when asked what is missing in their life the reply is consistently the same, spirituality. The good news is spiritualty is not something to get like a ownership but rather person we already are. Who we are and how we dwell in human relationship to others is what ultimately shows our spirituality, our lifestyle, and is the foundation for our existence.

Given that spiritualty is about a manner of life, the difference for each individual goes the quality of his or her human relationships with others. To be mindfully religious proposes that a individual is on a journeying of becoming his or her truest ego through recurring forms of awareness, find and breakthrough.

Waking up to life with a sense of intent as grounded in Higher Power is the primary end for the Negro spiritual journey.

Spiritual-becoming leads us into deeper heedfulness of the quality of our life on the lives of others. Progressive find of who we really are do it possible for us to perforate the surface of things and interruption through to the interconnection of all life things with God.

The disease of dependence cannot be healed but like malignant neoplastic disease can be held in remission. Treatment, working the Twelve Steps and Alcoholics Anonymous authorise an nut or alcoholic to work on maximizing their Negro spiritual life while keeping the disease in check. Too often people with the disease as well as others hunt outside themselves for something greater and deeper to fulfill their hunger. Yet what they seek for is inside, intangible and transcendent. Our life-journey is not ultimately outside, but a journeying inward to a find of Supreme Being within us. In fact, what we seek for what we already have, namely the God-given gift of life; our missionary post is to aftermath up, foster, and observe this amazing gift. Life's missionary post is not about getting attending or things from others but being attentive to and in touching with self, others and Higher Power.

For old age I have got urged people longing for Negro spiritual connexion to simply encompass their life and detect the extraordinary in the ordinary. To appreciate life as sacred is to see the "Wow" and awe of being alive. Respective old age ago I challenged a talented musician, a patient, to compose a song that recounted his journeying from maltreatment to Negro spiritual awakening. His epiphany to Mystery-Presence and his life-change are reflected in these words of Waking Up.

"I cognize I've been asleep for years, a incubus that would never end.

Too afraid to confront my fears, it looks that I was my lone friend.

I had to acknowledge I was powerless, knew I didn't desire to die.

My bosom cried out for happiness, a miracle was sent in Love's reply.

I'm waking up - living in a new light, waking up no more than beingness uptight".

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