Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Divine Love - A Definition According to Sanatan Dharma

"God is Love," rather "Love is God."

One who can see the mulct difference between these two statements is the lone true Lover of God. By nature, every 1 is after love, but only true saints and true retainers of Supreme Being have got really experienced the consciousness of Godhead Love. There are two sorts of love: Negro spiritual and sensual. The worldly, as well as those who seek God, are all within the field of physical or animal pleasances until they recognize God.

Anytime an action or emotion partially or wholly affects anything that is in the kingdom of the ever changing Prakriti, such as as bodies, organs, senses, pranas, the mind, mind or ego, it is considered a physical or animal pleasure. Such pleasances must maintain changing and come up to an end, which consequences in misery. In the devotional paths, a fan ultimately goes Love where dichotomy bes no more. Radha is Krishna or Krishna is Radha, but these two personal identities cannot be simultaneously. Such is the ultimate nature of Love. The aspirer who prefers to utilize the way of favoritism ultimately undergoes self-realization where Love alone remains.

When we talk of Love, we are talking about the true ultimate Love that depends on no objects, persons, circumstances, time, place, events or grounds because all those must constantly change and come up to an end. Such a finite love is no good for a individual seeking Ageless Love, without which one will never happen ageless peace. We, being trips of that Love, cannot be pleased with anything less than that Supreme Love.

Love never bargains, trades or expects. Love never complains, never demands, and never hopes. Love never accepts anything less than Love, and therefore, never take downs itself to physical, mental or intellectual pleasures. Love cannot be measured, imagined, argued about or logically arrived at. Only full religion and complete resignation to the volition of Love enables us to totally resolve our egotism and unify into this ocean of love.

As Brihadaranyakam Upanishad says, "Verily, it is not for the interest of the organic structure of a married woman that a married woman is dear, but for the interest of the Love or Self (Atman) in her that the married woman is dear." This statement also uses to husband, sons, wealth, name and fame, gods, animals and all creation. To undergo true Love is the end of all of the Yogas presented in the Gita. A beautiful experience expects all of us only if we will listen, practice, meditate and absolve ourselves as directed by Mother Gita.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who Are Your Power Animals?

The olfactory property of wood combustion in the distance tickled my nose. I looked up at the sky to see fume mysteriously merging into the clouds. This was a mark for me to set up for a life changing experience. My bosom was racing like Equus caballuses galloping in a derby. I wondered to myself, "Why am I here in the center of a field in Glastonbury, on this beautiful summertimes day?"

I could see everyone had already formed a circle. I establish myself an inviting topographic point and waited patiently with the others.

The leader of the ceremonial was ready to begin. He had mesmeric eyes that stared directly into mine. I felt trembles travel down my spinal column as he continued to blaze at me. There was an attractive force to this adult male like a magnet pulling me in near and closer.

At the same clip in my mind's oculus I kept seeing this beautiful lumber wolf. She stood so boldly with a aweary expression on her face. She was facing the gate towards the exit, as if she was showing me the manner out. I have got always had an chemical attraction with wolves and I experience a deep psyche connexion to these unbelievable animals. However, at that clip I didn't quite understand the significance of it all.

Throughout the weekend this adult male had taken a strong involvement in me, so much so, that at the end of it he asked me to be his apprentice. In awe of it all and at the clip still very naïve, One accepted, of course. I travelled around different parts of England that hebdomad with the group. During the hebdomad I started to experience a small dizzy and out of balance.

Strange things were starting to go on to me. One eventide we were invited to a Druid ceremonial and we were able to encampment out on the land. That eventide in the dreamtime I had a very graphic dream. My friend, the wolf came to see me. We played together and really bonded, it was such as a lovely dreaming that I didn't desire to aftermath up until suddenly, this fierce, achromatic wolf came charging at my wolf and started attacking her! I woke up in a perspiration with my bosom pounding. "This was a warning", I thought to myself.

I finally realized what I had gotten myself into and I had to acquire away before it was too late. I had spent respective years as if I was entranced in his spell, all the piece this adult male was trying to acquire near to me. The adjacent twenty-four hours he discussed with me about how I had been chosen to be his 9th wife. With the aid of my powerfulness animal, my wolf, I was able to see the state of affairs clearer and I could finally interrupt free. It wasn't easy and it took me a few old age to completely quit myself of his intrusive energy. (Part of this article is an extract from a former article I have got written, entitled 'Encounters With a Sorcerer').

Power Animals are dear, fantastic teachers. I believe that we all have got them guiding us. Sometimes they will come in our lives at different modern times and for different reasons. For example, my wolf came to assist and usher me at that time. Ten old age later, she is still with me. Iodine have got many other Power Animals that come up to help me in different countries of my life.

Have you ever been drawn to a peculiar animate being and wondered why? Did you ever believe this mightiness be your defender angel in the word form of an animal? Power animate beings come up in many different forms. In fact, any life animal can be your defender spirit helper. In Shamanism, we believe that our animate being assistants are with us to steer and help us with our lives, for healing, protection and for personal empowerment.

They also come up to learn us lessons. We can larn a batch from these fantastic teachers. I often state that when you work with your Power Animal in shamanic journeying, the instructions are between you and them, which intends there is always a personal message for you.

Your instructor may have got got got got a different significance to person else and although each animate being have a general definition in different cultures, I would always urge hearing to your instructor in your journeying to see what they have to state and inquire why they have come up to be your Power Animal at this clip in your life.

In my experience with Power Animals, they have always been my guardians, defenders and friends, person who is there to steer me and be there for me. There is a stopping point personal human relationship between you that volition only turn if you take to maintain your Power Animal with you. We are all truly alone people so our experiences will change from individual to person.

I may have got 1 Power Animal work with me when I necessitate courageousness and a different one when I necessitate to see a state of affairs more clearly.

For example, you may acquire an Eagle and its personal message to you may be to convey the gift of vision, or it may be another reason.

In my scenario, my wolf came to give me strength, to warn me of the danger I was in and to assist me get away from predicament before I was harmed both physically and energetically.

A dear friend of mine, who had struggled with an feeding upset for most of her life, spent old age trying different therapies and establish that this was the lone thing that worked for her.

Through her journeying and edifice a trustful human relationship with her Power Animal she was finally able to defeat this immense obstruction that she had in her life.

Even in her concluding years on this Earth I sat by her bedside and shared in her joyousness and her love. The beautiful connexion to her Power Animal had brought to her somes smiling and quiet whilst she put in the infirmary bed in a great trade of pain.

You can ran into your Power Animal through shamanic journeying. You can also have got Power Animal retrieval. This is when person else takes the journeying on your behalf, in hunt of your Power Animal and then conveys it back to enable you to experience more than empowered and protected. There are also some different techniques that you can utilize to assist maintain your defender around you, like drumming, dance and singing.

I give thanks to all my Power Animals that have got been with me from the start of this journey, especially my wolf, for guiding me out of that state of affairs and for the lessons in it. Remember, we are all affiliated in some manner or another and if we just unfastened our minds, without judgment and let the doors to open up and take the first stairway through, then we can let ourselves eternal possibilities.

No substance if it is in the form of a rock, plant, or even a creature, there are always blessings. Why not seek it for yourself?

© Rosanna Ienco Barned

Rosanna Ienco Barned is a certified Shamanic Practitioner and Medium.

She is also a certified Soul coach, Past Life Coach and Angel Therapy practitioner

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

What it Means to be a Genuine Prisoner of the Lord

Everyone have a opportunity to dwell in a Eden of ageless life after leaving this present human race in death. Supreme Being do no regard of persons. He names "everyone" to repentance. However, there are just a choice "few" who actually reply this phone call and have a borne again spirit from God. These are the chosen 1s Bible talks about. After receiving the borne again spirit, life is still no windfall train, and it makes not intend a individual will then be forever blessed with all sorts of prosperity, good wellness and so on. It only intends you have got received "the initial ticket," that Pbs to the Gates of Heaven and a Eden of ageless life. This initial ticket is mainly a spirit of instruction manual from the Holy Place Ghost. If those instruction manual are followed, a individual is then known to Supreme Being as being obedient and one who Loves God.

Obedience is better than any other sort of forfeit a individual can offer up to God. Obedience is the cogent evidence of a person's true love for God. If a individual keeps proper obeisance twenty-four hours in and twenty-four hours out, minute after minute of each 24 hr period, they stay as God's True Elect, which is a very few figure of people human race wide. Those few true elect are all walking on a consecutive and narrow nerve pathway retention their ticket of instruction manual stopping point to their Black Maria as a mulct hoarded wealth on their manner to a Eden of ageless life… but still not there until the last breath go forths our body, perfect and pure in bosom is all that volition actually see God. I name the perfect and pure in bosom as being "the existent key" that volition unlock the gate of Heaven and on into ageless life of Paradise.

Another name we can name the perfect and pure in heart, the true elect of God, is "a Prisoner of the Lord."

Now, Paul, the Apostle, is a true illustration of a Prisoner of the Lord, to all coevals and all races of this human race that came after him. In the book of Ephesians, Chapter 3, poetry 1, Alice Alice Paul the Apostle writes: "For this cause I Paul, the captive of Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus for you Gentiles, if ye have got heard of the dispensation of the saving grace of Supreme Being which is given me to you-ward: How that by disclosure he made known unto me the mystery; as I wrote afore in few words, whereby when ye read, ye may understand my cognition in the enigma of Christ. What Alice Alice Paul the Apostle is telling us here is: Read what I have got written for you, all that come up after me, for I am a echt illustration of what a Prisoner of the Godhead actually is.

Now Paul was a adult male who did not actually desire to function God. He was called respective modern times before he finally answered the call. After he answered, his life was not made much better than it was before he answered. He asked Supreme Being three modern times to take a irritant that was in his side, and Supreme Being never did take the thorn. He suffered many things to be able to prophesy the Gospel of Christ. He was not a adult male who was all that well thought of, and who was greeted in the marketplaces and the streets with "Hello, there Brother Paul, the Great Apostle, so nice to have got run into you today." "See you in Church Lord'S Day morning."

Paul was made a curate according to the gift of the saving grace of Supreme Being given to him by the effectual workings of his power. He was not a adult male who placed a Book in his arm after graduating from Curate College, and subsiding into some nice parish with a nice house to dwell in sitting beside it. A Prisoner is one who travels and come ups at the bid of his master. Most likely, Alice Paul had no certain home topographic point and often did not cognize where he would be from hebdomad to week. His teaching, his instructions, his instruction came consecutive from the Grace of Supreme Being and the Holy Place Ghost which he received once he finally answered the phone call of repentance. Alice Paul was to do all work force see what the true family of the enigma of Jesus really was and is still today. This is kind of something even from the beginning that is hidden to the eyes and the Black Maria of most work force and women, and something that tin only be learned and revealed only through receiving the Holy Place Ghost. You make not larn this in Book Colleges!

Fellowship with Jesus is not a perfect bed of roses and makes not vouch a better life in this life in any shape, word form or fashion. Family with Jesus intends just simply to be one of his echt Prisoners. As a Prisoner of Christ, we cannot faint when trials come up our way, but we must bow down our knee joints unto the Godhead Jesus Of Nazareth Christ, of whom the whole household in Heaven and Earth is named, so that he can allow you according to the wealth of his glorification (which eventually is Eden in ageless life), and to beef up by the mighty powerfulness of Supreme Being the interior man.

Forget about what that outer visual aspect looks like for the moment. Howbeit, at all modern times we are commanded to be descent, there just is no other type of outer costume or traditional frock that must be worn in order to demo the human race a visible light of any kind. Decency in our style of outer garments is all the Godhead requires. But that interior adult male is what the Godhead trusts to strengthen, and have to be strengthened, if he or she will obtain the cardinal to unlock heaven's gates. And to cognize the love of Christ, which go throughs the earthly cognition of adult male and adult female so that we might be filled with all the comprehensiveness of Supreme Being instead.

Our outer garments should be the whole armor of Supreme Being so that we will be able to stand up against the trickeries of the devil. Believe me; a tattoo on the shoulder or a T-shirt saying I am a Christian or any such as thing as this, or outfits of all matching colours is not going to support us in any manner against the trickeries of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the regulations of the darkness of this world, against Negro spiritual evil in high places. This is why it is of import to have got a strong interior bosom with Supreme Being and an outer visual aspect not of a certain type of clothes or tattoo or any such as thing as this, but that our outer garments are actually our "obedience" to the instruction manual we have from the Holy Place Ghost in the beginning of our walkings with Jesus and every minute that we dwell as a Prisoner to Christ.

The outer garment that is our visible light to the human race is having the whole armor of Supreme Being upon us, so that we can stand up strong against the enemy, which is the Satan and all his wicked spirits, having our pubes girded with the truth, our aegis should be covered with righteousness (again this is our obedience) and our feet shod with the readying of the Gospel of peace (this significance we should transport ourselves on ft through this land spreading the Gospel with "peace" and not with conceited glorification efforts or contentions about the word, but with peace. Take the shield of religion so we can quench all the fiery darts of the wicked when they come up at us. Put on our caputs not a pinkish chapeau that lucifers the frock and place we are wearing, but a "helmet of salvation," which is again our behaviours and obeisance that Pbs to that salvation, and last of all the blade of the Spirit, which is the word of God. We must have on a shield of faith. Without religion none of us can cognize Supreme Being and his instruction manual for us. Pray always, so that vocalizations can be given and we can open up our oral cavities boldly, not being afraid of the adversary, to make known the true enigma of the gospel.

Now for those who are able to make more than and to do exceedingly abundantly above all that is asked or is thought of, and always according to the powerfulness of Supreme Being that plant within that person, allow him be "Glory" in the Christian church by Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus throughout all clip and coevals in this human race and with no end. A echt captive of Supreme Being goes an extremely "hard worker" for the church. Bashes this mean value the Christian church that is down on 5th Street? It intends the World Wide Church in all four corners of the Earth is what the Christian church is. It have no certain name of Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Whitsunday or Jew. Hard worker makes not intend painting, remodeling, decorating, cleaning the church, pace gross sales and throwing immense banquets; it intends in the Negro spiritual things of God, a echt captive of the Godhead actually executes some difficult work for the church. You might say, oh, well I thought it meant being a Lord'S Day school instructor for the small children on Lord'S Day morning…..

Also as a captive of the Godhead intends to walk worthy of the career in which we are called. Now here we travel again with "obedience." Obedience intends a batch to the Lord; and obeisance of what? The Ten Commandments, but the first two is the mightiest of all of them and in which all the other laws hang upon. Obey the first two commandments and you are on your manner to Paradise.

Paul said he suffered shipwreck, he suffered perils, he suffered nudity and he was project into prison house for being a Prisoner of the Lord, and for delivering the Gospel as it was given him of the Holy Place Ghost. I inquire just why he suffered nakedness. Don't you believe it was probably the people he preached to that would not have him; they probably tore his clothing off of him in choler at him for his words of instruction manual from the Holy Place Ghost. A echt captive of Supreme Being is not always a adult male or adult female who is well liked. When we have got to convey difficult expressions to rebellious and stubborn people, they might acquire a small awful dorsum to us. I conceive of this is why Alice Paul suffered nudity at times, the Bible makes not travel into great item as to what this means, and I am just imagining that this may have got been the cause. I cognize he was set into prison house for sermon the gospel.

So why in this human race would anyone desire to be a Prisoner of Jesus if they might have got to endure because of it? It is not for those things we can see and cognize of in this present world, but it is for those things promised us after this human race have passed away, and that is Eden in Ageless Life.

Next clip the telecasting preacher man states you to direct them $50 to pray for you to go prosperous, don't believe it. It is just not true, but all prevarications arise from the father of lies, which is Shaytan himself. Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus will not ever state you to direct him money for any of his services.

Many are called, but few are chosen. It is up to each individual if they desire to be chosen, and a batch of people are just not willing to endure "anything" to be a captive of Christ. Most people look for what is in it for them right now, right this very minute (lovers of themselves and of the flesh rather than of God) and if they can't see or experience something at the present moment, they just maintain on walking down that broad nerve pathway with all their buddies, of which, there are many, for Hell have enlarged itself because there are so many people "choosing" and therefore destined to travel there.

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© 2007 Connie Limon. All Rights Reserved

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