Thursday, February 28, 2008

Article Writing - 3 Top Ways To Make Money From Articles

Article authorship is one of those neglect cogent evidence ways to do money online. Why make I state that? Because the Internet lives on content! And if you can do hemorrhoid of content, you can make any type of income you want.

Here are the top 3 ways you can make money from articles on the Web:

1. Ghostwriting/freelance writing. Many people are looking for content to be published on their websites, blogs or for their ebooks. If you can compose well, you can command up to $5 for a 300-word article. This is definitely a great manner to acquire started.

2. Link Building/SEO purposes. Building high quality one-way links pointing to your website is one of the most of import factors for hunt engine optimization. Writing articles and submitting them to directories around the Web is one surefire manner to construct high quality backlinks to your website. Remember to include your ground tackle textual matter nexus in your author's life box.

3. Affiliate marketing. You can do money by promoting affiliate programmes in your article's life box. However, most directories don't let pointing consecutive to a natural affiliate link. But you can apparatus your ain sphere to redirect to your affiliate nexus and then associate to your sphere name in your life box. Submitting keyword rich articles in volume is one of the proved affiliate selling methods.

And there you go: 3 ways you can begin using today to bring forth an income online all from writing. If you have got a talent, this is definitely a manner to travel to acquire started. And your income is limitless too. The amount of money you do depends on how many articles you write.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why It Pays To Be Spiritual At A Younger Age

When we believe of Negro spiritual people, the mental images of Mother Teresa, Popes or Jesus come ups into our mind. We experience that being Negro spiritual intends sacrificing all the pleasances of the human race and life a life of poorness and charity. Most of us have got a common impression that spiritualism is related to after-death or other-world and associate spiritualism a substance of personal religion that is only for self-satisfaction having no application in the real-life world.

Spirituality is often associated with old age. Young people often believe that they are too immature to be spiritual. They often associate spiritualism with other-worldly believes and wonderment if by being spiritual, they would lose all the merriment and the pleasance they are having from the worldly things. They, therefore, prefer to prorogue spiritualism to the future portion of their life when they would perhaps no longer be able to bask the human race owed to impairment of the organic structure hence that would be the right clip to go spiritual.

We are more than concerned about existent life jobs of the world. We have got to gain our livings, accomplish our targets, pull off a household and take attention of our children. You don't acquire paid for being spiritual. You can't do a life by following a Negro spiritual path. Why must you trouble oneself to go Negro spiritual until your worldly necessitates are satisfied?

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Spiritualism is an effort to understand the "true reality" of life and human beings. It is like any other subdivision of cognition that assists us cognize the human race better. If you cognize your organic structure well, you can surely avoid falling sick, if you cognize driving well, you can avoid accidents. Same is true for the true cognition of the people.

If you have got the true cognition of people, you can accomplish your marks by motivating your team, do your foremen and subsidiaries happy, convey up your children well by guiding them to the right way and do yourself happy by avoiding the struggles with other people and enjoying the life of felicity and peace. Therefore, spiritualty is the cardinal to your success in all countries of your life whether professional or personal. Spiritualism is, therefore, the route of lifetime, felicity and blissfulness provided we cognize the truth of the spirituality.

What is Spirituality?

Spiritualism can be defined as "the philosophy, doctrine, or faith emphasizing the Negro spiritual facet of being". Thus the cardinal to spiritualty is the " cognition of spirit" which can enable us to understand the Negro spiritual facet of beings?

In order to understand spiritualism, allow us take the illustration of any individual or our ain selves. A individual is born as baby and bases on balls through the phases of childhood, teenage, youth, adulthood, center age and old age in this world. The organic structure of the individual is constantly changing and it can't stay same at any two minutes of his life. Yet there is something in all of us that makes not change with clip and age. We name this non-changing reality as our "True Self" or "Soul". Soul can't be seen or measured yet none of us can deny its beingness as we all cognize that it is the core of our being that is present in us throughout in our journeying of life even when every cell of the organic structure have changed.

When we pay "close attention" to the world, we happen that the human race too is changing every moment. People are getting older, new people are born every day. People are continuously changing their wonts and behaviour with times. The civilization of the state and the society is under uninterrupted transformation. Yet there is something in all human beingnesses that makes not change with time. It is for this ground that the nature of the individual described many one thousands old age back in Bible, Koran, Vedas, Upanishads or Gita go on to throw good for the people of the twenty first century. Our intuition also states us that even after many one one thousands years, the core of human nature shall not change.

Similarly, in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life, we meet thousands of people in our professional and personal capacity. All people looks different, come up from different economic, cultural and spiritual background and pattern different profession. We try to understand people from their profession, religion, country, culture, age and their physical appearance. Our apprehension of the human race is, therefore, based on the properties of the individual that are seeable and known, which can be defined and measured. Here we happen everyone as different and we wonder, how can we cognize such as a huge assortment of people? Knowing people is too of import for all of us as lone by knowing people we can trust to execute our occupations well and win in life.

The scientific method to cover with such as diverseness of people is by applying the rule of uncertainness and probability. According to this theory the properties of the people are distributed in random manner. Hence your human relationships with the people neglect or win by opportunity and there is hardly anything you can make about it.

Eisenstein ridiculed the rule of uncertainness as he firmly believed that everything in this human race can be understood given proper apprehension of the same. He expressed his ideas in his celebrated quotation mark when he said, "God makes not play die with the world."

The events look random lone owed to our limited apprehension of the event. Randomness is only owed to the deficiency of cognition about the true reality. Once, we get the complete cognition of things, everything goes predictable. Today the solar or lunar overshadow can be predicted many centuries in progress within the truth of secs since we have got understood the movements of the planets. However, we are not able to do even a indeterminate anticipation of temblor owed to deficiency of our cognition in this area. For a "casual observer" of the world, everything looks random and every thing haps by opportunity while for an "attentive observer", everything haps by designing and predictable.

If a individual pays "close attention" to the occurrence of the world, he begin noticing a form in all the diverse things of life as everything in the human race haps owed to a common force, common regulation or a common physical thing that is called "spirit"

Logical Understanding of Man

The cognition of "self" and the "human beings" is inevitable in the life of every "thinking" individual as everyone seeks to understand people and the human race to accomplish his goal. When, we interact with any person, we judge him based on a mental theoretical account of the individual made by our mind. We utilize our theoretical account to understand and pull strings the head the individual in order to acquire the things done or accomplish the aim of the ego or the organization. When the consequences are as per our expectation, we develop religion on that theoretical account while when we fail; we revize our theoretical account so as to acquire better truth next time.

Similarly, we do a theoretical account of ourselves too. We believe that certain things will convey us felicity while other would convey us pain. We either accomplish our end or fail. When we accomplish success, we anticipate the felicity while when we neglect we anticipate the hurting as per our model. If we don't acquire the feelings we expect, we change our model. Thus the "knowledge of self" is also continuously evolving.

Therefore, with experience in life, people continuously change their theoretical account or position of the human race and the self. Those who concentrate only on the stuff nature of the things be givens to develop different theoretical accounts for each person. Such people often happen fault in every individual as they happen the mental theoretical account of every individual different from their ain model. Since they see their theoretical account as "right", they obviously happen everyone else "wrong" as they are all different from him or her. This give rise to struggle as each individual positions his human race in a different manner. Thus a logical individual who seeks to understand the human race scientifically and rationally acquires frustrated from the human race as they happen that the human race is not like it should be "based on their model" and full of "wrong people". They are also not happy and satisfied themselves because their ain theoretical accounts are faulty and all stuff and worldly accomplishments neglect to give them happiness.

The theoretical accounts of the worldly individual never converge as they never pay any attending to the worlds that can't be seen, felt or measured. Therefore, the logical theoretical account of the human race often neglects to supply any satisfaction and felicity to the individual in his life.

Spiritualism: One Model for the World

However, when an perceiver sees the human race more closely using not only his head (the logic and reason) but also intuition and intelligence, he notices that there are two types of "realities" in this world. Once that is visible, perceptible and mensurable which is changing every minute while the "other reality" is unseen, unknown and static that is the cause of all action.

The "invisible reality" may be compared with "the gravitative field" or "the magnetic field" that bring forths the military unit of attractive force or repulsion, yet it can never be seen or measured except by observing its consequence on the other stuff things. Interestingly the cognition of this "unseen reality" only caused the birth of science, when Newton first noticed by observing an apple falling on the land that there must be a military unit (field) that pulls everything to Earth.

While our attending is usually focused on the "effect" i.e. on the things that are changing, we lose the "cause" why they are changing. Understanding this cause is like apprehension the "gravitational field" as you can then recognize that the military unit of attractive force or repulsive force is not random but impacts in the similar manner to everything on this Earth or even in the existence "following the same rules". This regulation is perennial and makes not change with clip and object.

Similarly, the attending of the Negro spiritual individual is focused on the "common rule" or "common reality" that governs everything. Thus he, instead of determination all events as random, understands the "rules" that governs the human race and makes not change with clip and place. Therefore, instead of screening the human race as made of random events, a Negro spiritual individual understands the designing of the human race and detects "unity and diversity".

Once a individual understands the spirit of the world, he happens that the theoretical accounts of all people and every animal of the human race are not different but same. Fortunately, these theoretical accounts are very same as his ain model. This works out his job as now he can understand the whole human race simply by apprehension himself. He can now understand the feeling of any individual and foretell every individual from his ain felling and intuition. In short, a Negro spiritual individual cognizes the human race from the cognition of the self. This cognition of the human race paves the manner of his success in life.

Success by Spiritualism

The cognition of ego is, however, not as easy as it seems. We always believe that we cognize ourselves quite well. However, in the journeying of life, we always rediscover ourselves and happen that our earlier perceptual experience was not correct. We then recognize that we have got never paid sufficient attending to cognize what we are.

Many one thousands old age back, Upanishads, the great Bibles of the East echoed the same positions when it was said, "I am the Universe" (Aham Brahmasmi). Many one thousands old age later Pythagoras, the great man of science and mathematicians in the Occident too discovered the same truth independently when he sated, "Man cognize thyself; then thou shall cognize the Universe and God".

There is no uncertainty that the cardinal to accomplish all type pf success lies in the cognition of the ego and the world. Therefore, being Negro spiritual is good to ego and the society. Don't wait to first go old then to go Negro Negro spiritual as then therefore would be no usage of being spiritual. There is old doubleton of celebrated Indian Sufi poet that says

Everyone pray Him only in distress,
None in his happiness,
Pray Him in your happiness
Why must you ever have got distress?

So why not go Negro spiritual now, and bask its fruits for remainder of your life? The earlier to become, the more than clip you have got to bask its benefits.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Does God Not Answer Me?

Probably all Christians travel through modern times when it looks like their supplications are not answered. However, if you pray with the right motivations yet have no answer, it makes not intend that Supreme Being is ignoring you. He might be answering in a manner you never expected.

One of the greatest grounds why Christians give up on supplication is because they experience that their supplications are not getting answered or that Supreme Being makes not care about them. This feeling of weakness is even more than marked when the Christian is going through a life crisis and have nowhere to turn and cannot look to happen answers. Supreme Being cares about you. But many Christians position Supreme Being as person where if you force the right buttons you will acquire your reward-kind of like a microwave. Yet the truth is that we don't cognize what lies ahead like Supreme Being cognizes what lies ahead. What looks to be an unreciprocated supplication can actually be God's perfect program for us.

Take Occupation in the Old Testament for instance. If anyone had what seemed to be an unreciprocated prayer, it was Job. Yet small did Occupation cognize that Shaytan was accusing him of lone serving Supreme Being because Supreme Being had placed a protective hedgerow around him. Occupation was set to the diagnostic test and he passed it and in the end pleased God-so much so that he was rewarded greatly for it. In fact, in Occupation 42:12 (NIV) it states that, "The Godhead blessed the latter portion of Job's life more than the first."

Then there was Elijah. Supreme Being was faithful to convey down fire from Heaven in response to his prayer. Yet a short clip later his supplication to Supreme Being was to take his life as Jezebel was after him (1 Kings 19). Supreme Being knew what Elijah needed and it was rest. So Supreme Being sent an angel to curate to Elijah, provender him, and do certain he got some rest. Elijah prayed for God's rescue and it came but not in the manner Elijah was asking for it.

It's actually a substance of childlike trust in God. We should pray and go forth it in God's custody at that point. It is not something we did or failed to make that influences Supreme Being and His replies to our prayer. If we pray for a million dollars, this is a lustful supplication and Supreme Being probably will not allow it. But if we pray for God's volition to be done and just go forth it at that point then that is all we can do. We have got to tilt on His promises and retrieve that Supreme Being cares for us. In Saint Matthew 6:33 (NIV) we are told, "But seek first His land and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

Submit your supplication to Supreme Being and concern about it no further.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Train Your Brain With a New $225m Market Based on Latest Brain Health and Fitness Research

A batch of recent news insurance on encephalon fitness and "brain training" reflects a growth involvement in natural, non-drug-based intercessions to maintain our encephalons crisp as we age. This involvement is very timely, given the ageing population, increasing Alzheimer's rates, and soaring wellness attention costs that topographic point more accent than ever on bar and changing lifestyle.

This past Tuesday, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Baseball Club of Northern California, the American Society on Aging, and SmartSilvers sponsored an event on The Emerging Brain Fitness Software Market: Building Better Brains to research the worlds and myths of this growth field. Before the panel, I had the opportunity to show an overview of the state of the Brain Fitness Software Market.

Why are we talking about this field at all? Well, for one, an increasing figure of companies are achieving important commercial success in packaging "brain exercise". An illustration is the line of Nintendo games, such as as Brain Age and Brain Training, that have got shipped over 15 million units of measurement worldwide despite limited scientific support, since 2005. What is less seeable is that a figure of companies and men of science are partnering to convey merchandises to marketplace with a more than solid clinical validation. We gauge the United States marketplace was $225m in 2007 (growing from $100 in 2005). Whereas K12 Education used to be the major segment, grownup consumers are responsible for most of that growth: we gauge the consumer section grew from a few million in 2005 to $80 meter in 2007.

Who is buying these products? Yes, of course, many grownups over 50 who desire to protect their memory are among the pioneers. 78 million babe baby boomers are eager to seek new approaches. A growth figure of retirement communities and nursing places are offering programmes to their occupants to spread out their usual fitness and societal activities. And we can't bury about K12 education: certain encephalon fitness software system bundles have got got shown they can assist children who have dyslexia and related to difficulties.

Is there scientific discipline behind these claims? Bash these merchandises work? It depends on how we define "work". If "working" intends quantifiable short-term improvements after a figure of hebdomads of systematic "brain training" to better specific cognitive skills, then the reply is that a figure of programmes make look to work. If , on the other hand, "working" intends mensurable long-term benefits, such as as better overall encephalon wellness as we age, or less relative incidence of Alzheimer's symptoms, the reply is that circumstantial grounds proposes they may, but it is still too early to tell.

Are there any public policy implications? We certainly believe that there are. The Center for Disease Control recently partnered with the Alzheimer's Association to develop a comprehensive Cognitive Health route map to break usher research attempts and better public instruction on the life style wonts that every proud proprietor of a encephalon could profit from following. Given the high rates of traumatic encephalon hurts and emphasis upsets establish in a big figure of the work force and women coming place from the Republic Of Iraq war, the military is investing heavily in research to assist place jobs to develop tools to work out them, and we anticipate that research will interpret into wider wellness applications. No presidential candidate, to our knowledge, have directly addressed his or her precedences in the cognitive wellness kingdom but, given the growth importance and economical impact of brain-related disorders, we anticipate that to go on soon.

What are some tendencies that executive directors and investors should be looking at to understand this growth market? Let me do a few predictions:

1) An increased accent on Brain Maintenance, from retirement communities to gymnasiums and wellness clubs. Volition wellness baseball clubs 1 twenty-four hours offering encephalon fitness programs, and perhaps "brain coaches"? We believe so.

2) Better and more than widely available appraisals of cognitive mathematical function will enable of all us to set up an aim baseline of how our heads are evolving, place precedences for "workouts" and life style interventions, and assist us measurement progress. Science-fiction? Not really. there are already pretty good diagnostic tests used in clinical and medical environments, the challenge will be to polish and bundle those appraisals in a consumer-friendly way.

3) We will see more than than and better computer-based tools, each of which may be more appropriate to work on specific priorities. Just as we happen a assortment of machines in wellness baseball clubs today, in the hereafter we can anticipate different programmes tailored to develop specific cognitive skills.

4) More non-computer based tools will also supply much value. There is more than than and more research on how speculation and cognitive therapy, to advert 2 examples, can be very effectual in literally re-wiring parts of the brain.

5) Insurance Companies will present inducements for member who desire to follow encephalon fitness programs. Perhaps even companies will offer such as programmes to employees to pull and reserve mature workers who desire entree to the best and the up-to-the-minute inventions to maintain their heads sharp.

Now, this beingness a pretty new field, many inquiries stay open. For example, how will consumers and establishments have quality information and instruction to voyage through the emerging research and the overpowering figure of new programs, separating world from hype?

In summary, what were the chief take-aways from the event?

1. Research bespeaks that a figure of cognitive abilities (attention, memory...) can be assessed and trained

2. An emerging marketplace is starting to develop-growing from an estimated $100m in 2005 to $225m in 2007, in the United States alone-, and is poised to maintain growing at important rates.

3. Many companies are currently selling merchandises direct to consumers (as well as through institutions) with sometimes ill-defined claims - this endangers to mistake consumers and present a major obstruction to the growing and credibleness of the sector.

If you are interested in this rapidly growing field, delight stay tuned! There are absorbing research studies every month.

Copyright (c) 2008 SharpBrains

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Article Writing - Easy And Effective Article Writing Techniques

Writing articles and content for your website is a good manner to increase traffic and gain more than potentiality customers. But if your articles are poorly written, you will lose the involvement of your readers and they may no longer come up to your website. It is of import to retrieve that when you compose articles, you should follow these simple rules: attention, interest, action, and desire.

Attention mentions to how you pull your readers. Try to utilize a catchy statute title that volition catch readers' attending and do them desire to read your article.

Interest mentions to getting and keeping your readers interested in what you have got to state or state them. A individual isn't going to read your article if it is deadening and doesn't involvement them. So catch their involvement by posing a inquiry to them that volition do them believe and maintain them interested.

Desire mentions to your readers' desire to read your article. If you offer a solution to a job they may be facing, they will most likely privation to cognize how to work out it, and in bend will desire to read your article.

Action mentions to making your readers desire to take action right after reading your article. If you are selling a product, you desire your readers to purchase it right away. To do them desire to take action, stress how fantastic your merchandise or service is.

By following these rules, you will vouch that people will desire to read your article thoroughly, then travel out and purchase what you are offering.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Rainforest Plants - Artichoke

Family: Compositae

Genus: Genus Cynara

Species: scolymus

Common name: Earth artichoke, alcachofra, artichaut

General Description: Part of the thistle family, Artichokes have got got chaffs that tin turn up to two metres long and have a large, bright caput that incorporates flowery, violet flower petals and green, fleshy leaves.

Location: Their flowers and go forths are eaten throughout the world, but they are native to South America. Their popularity for nutrient and medicinal utilizes have got generated such as a high demand that they are now cultivated in South America, North America, and Europe.

Uses: Artichokes have been used medicinally for centuries for saddle sore vesica and liver problems, ulcers, gout, hypertension, diarrhea, diabetes, gall production, albuminurea, high cholesterol, kidney problems, and fever. Their pleasant, acrimonious taste, which pulls people to enjoy them in the first place, is owed to the same ground they are so good for you. The resentment is from a chemical called Cynarin, and is establish in the greenish leaves of absence of the plant. The traditional readying for medicinal or curative usages of globe artichoke are 1-3 cups of leafage extracts after meals, 3-4 milliliter of a concentrated 4:1 liquid extract, or 3-5 grammes of dried herbaceous plant capsules.

Other active chemicals establish in the leaves of absence include flavonoids, lactones, and polyphenols. These all enactment to trap free radicals, bounds oxidative stress, and may assist to cut down hazards of certain cancers. Cynarin have got also been shown to assist detoxify and protect the liver from noxious chemical agents, making Artichokes a great improver to the dinner table.

Disclaimer: The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Any mention to medicinal usage is not intended to treat, cure, extenuate or forestall any disease.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Legal Ways To Boost Your Article Writing And Generate Mouth Watering Prospects For Your Business

Article authorship is one of the very best ways that you can hike your business. It is my front-runner method of generating traffic to my land site as it it is the most reliable.

However, one of the greatest jobs you will undergo with this method is that you will not compose adequate articles to make a large impact and construct a sustainable business. This is very clip intensive and can even take the whole day.

If you are only doing one article a twenty-four hours then this simply will not be adequate to construct a full clip income. You necessitate to be doing at least 10 a day. This is the hard part. Like anything in life if you force the barriers then you will accomplish success much quicker.

Most people will fight authorship 10 to twenty articles a day. Internet selling is really simple it is however the focusing and continuity that you necessitate that brands it difficult. The theoretical account of a successful concern would be to take your niche market, thrust traffic to your squeezing page and sell over and over again to those prospects. Now that makes not sound hard at all. To acquire one Pb is really easy. However, if you are aiming to construct a listing of 100,000 prospects then this tin be extremely ambitious because of the focusing that you will need.

Here are some thoughts that hopefully will do it easier for you to acquire going. Always be on the lookout man for thoughts and record them electronically so that when you compose you have got plenty of thoughts that you can use. When you acquire into a beat focusing and go on to compose consistently. If you interrupt the flowing then it will be much harder to acquire going again.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Productive Article Writing - Uncover 2 Amazing Methods to Jumpstart Your Article Writing

If you are a new seller who doesn't have got immense selling budget but would wish to drive quality traffic to your website to augment your gross sales potential, I highly urge article authorship for you. Today, this is considered as one of the most sought-after and trusted selling and traffic-generating techniques as it assists sellers in establishing their expertness on their chosen niche. As you know, people only will only transact with sellers whom they see as trustworthy and enlightened about the niche to which they belong to.

Here are the 2 astonishing methods to jumpstart your article writing:

1. Choose your subjects carefully. There are some considerations that you necessitate to maintain in head when choosing the subjects to compose about: they must be related to your chosen niche, utile to your mark market, and good to your business. This is to do certain that you will be able to drive quality traffic to your website. For instance, if you are into existent estate, compose subjects that talking about lands for sale, cheap houses, premier properties, etc. These subjects will be able to pull your mark marketplace and will drive these people to your website.

2. Make an outline. Before you compose your articles, you necessitate to have got an thought on what information you will include on your content and how you're going to set up all these information so you can show them in a logical manner. Creating an lineation will do this undertaking easier for you. Take short letter of all your thoughts and information you have got gained through research and listing them in slug forms. This lineation will assist you not only in making your authorship well-guided, but most importantly, it will do you not bury an single thought so you can show complete information to your possible readers.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's the Score?

One of the rule dogmas of Buddhism is the philosophy of non-attachment. What this states us is that it is not wise to go too deeply involved with something, or attached to it so that you experience that you can't dwell without it. Whether it is a thing, or a individual or a instruction or whatever. To go so attached impedes our advancement along the way. If you see this instruction carefully, the truth of it soon goes obvious. What is not so obvious however is that it is possible to be negatively attached to something as well. This agency to detest something with the same effectiveness that you love something else. Although this looks to be opposite to attachment, it's disadvantageous consequence on our preparation is the same. Both states of head impede our progress.

I personally have got to acknowledge that I endure from this state of negative fond respect with regard to nearly all sorts of sport. The 1 I loathe most of all is English Language football. As a practicing Buddhist, I cognize that it is not good for my ain development to experience so strongly about something. It intends that my head is not in balance, not in harmoniousness if you like, and I have got spent a great trade of clip thought about why I experience this way. The decision that I have got reached is that it is because all sort of athletics bring forths the spirit of competition. This is more than evident in football game than other athletics because it is obvious from the manner that the fans travel brainsick when their side tons a goal, that their sense of fight is very strong. It even slops over into the streets when the mindless game is finished and competing groupings of fans face each other, looking for a fighting and thereby costing the taxpayer money to keep a police force presence to command them. Though it isn't quite as obvious with other sports, in the sense that you don't usually acquire cricket or rugby football fans kicking Hell out of each other, the sense of competition is still there.

There is no uncertainty about it; being competitively minded is not good for Negro spiritual progress. To experience competitory agency that you experience that there is person or something to vie with. That you are different from me and you desire to asseverate that difference and show that you are better in some manner than I am. Your sense of egotism may experience threatened or in another manner subdued when it rans into my sense of ego, and it doesn't like that feeling, and so it offers a challenge, which may be in the word form of a competitory sport, or perhaps a simple argumentative confrontation. Whatever challenge is offered, it is just your sense of egotism that is doing the challenging. It is not you. You are not your ego; in fact there is no such as thing in world as ego. However, for something that doesn't exist, it certainly do a batch of problem in your life.

If you truly desire to come on along the Negro spiritual path, (and every sharp individual would desire to), then you must fling this false impression of a separate, individual self, lose your spirit of competition, and endeavor to assist other life beingnesses instead of competing with them. There is no demand to asseverate your high quality over another being, whether it is human or other animate being form, because you are not superior, nor is he superior to you. All are equal, all are one, and nil else exists. In order to do this a world for you, it is necessary to acquire quit of that spirit of competition that you have got prized so highly. The sense that your football game squad is better than another team. That mindless egotism that brands you shout and cheer when some grossly overpaid participant pulls off to impel that cockamamie bag of air made from some mediocre cows' hide, into a flight that consequences in it going in a way that tons a "goal." So what?

As long as the competitory spirit endures, the sense of individualised egotism will continue. There will thus be rich and poor, warfare dearth and pestilence. Until we realise that this was not the manner that the Eternal, (God if you prefer), intended us to live, we shall not have got peace of head or peace in the world.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Gurdjieff Updated Ancient Wisdom Part 2

G.I. Gurdjieff, (January 13, 1866 - October 29, 1949), was an Armenian - Hellenic mystic, a instructor of sacred dances and a Spiritual teacher. His work is called, "The Work," and it is referred to as the 4th way.

I will take some of Gurdjieff's instructions and update them using the Laws of Measure Physics. This wil be the chief push of all Negro spiritual authors and instructors for the adjacent 2000 years, (Age of Aquariua.) I can only trust to just give you a boot start so you may make the research and interlingual renditions yourself. His expressions will be in quotes.

"Seek for a better quality of of being."

Your beingness is who you really are. During any individual incarnation, the quality of your beingness will be colored by the picks you make. Seek ye first wisdom and apprehension of Cosmic rules and you will do better choices.

"There are two sorts of Fear, natural fearfulness which trips epinephrine and causes you to assail or defend, and Emotional Fear caused by emotional imagination. Undirected imaginativeness exerts an incalculable influence on sleeping (unconscious) humanity."

The Laws of Measure Physics state us that ideas are things. We cognize that whatever ideas we continually have got volition pull out of the Measure Ocean it's physical world into our lives.

When you powerfulness your ideas with your emotions, you rush up the process. The human race we presently dwell in is contaminated with fanciful desires, billboards, TV's, radio, magazines, and newspapers. They all usage fanciful mental images which are geared to raise an emotional response within you to have got got "it."

To go sane in this unsane human race you have to acquire control of your emotional nature and halt responding to every word form of emotional stimulation sent to you to arouse your imagination.

The powerful achromatic prestidigitators of Atlantis are all incarnated into the advertisement world. They utilize achromatic magic to bring on you to make what they desire and purchase what they sell. Personal control of your emotions and imaginativeness is your lone defense.

"All this work is about making what lies in your beingness more than and more conscious."

Your beingness pulls your life. You have got in your beingness many energies, ideas, ideas and abstracts of others. They were set there by Mom, Dad, Teachers, Preachers, Ancestors and past life experiences.

It is your occupation to weed out from your beingness all that is damaging to your spirtual growth. Always maintain in head that your intent on World (which is a school house) is to grow, evolve, to individualize and to go more than God-like. All else is secondary.

"You cannot alteration life which is a recurring rhythm of events. But you can change your atitude toward them."

Life is a series of recurring events that base on balls continously on your silver screen of life. You cannot halt this stream. But you can pick and take from which event you will accept and do a portion of your beingness and which events you will reject and just allow base on balls on by.

Your degree of being makes your life. Desire to change your life! Change your degree of Being!

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